Volunteer at a Branch Science Night

APEGA branches are looking for enthusiastic volunteers interested in sharing their passion for engineering and geoscience with students at local elementary Science Nights. These events will run throughout the school year so you can choose the volunteer commitment most suitable for you. This is a great opportunity to foster a love for engineering and geoscience in students, promote your profession in the community, and log professional development hours with APEGA.

Upcoming Dates

EdmontonFebruary 27, 2020Bertha Kennedy Catholic School
March 12, 2020George H. Luck School
April 2, 2020Shauna May Seneca School
April 23, 2020Florence Hallock School
May 7, 2020Earl Buxton School

Volunteer Position Description

Reporting Structure

Reports to the Branch Outreach Lead and/or Branch Designated Event Manager.


  • Review all materials before the event day and clarify any questions with your Branch Outreach Lead or designated Event Manager.
  • Arrive prior to event start time and assist with general set-up at the host school.
  • Set up your assigned activity/demo station, which will have been developed, shared, and prepared ahead of time.
  • Ensure all volunteers and participants are engaging in the activities/demos in a safe manner and are wearing appropriate personal protective equipment as deemed necessary.
  • Assist students/parents/teachers with the activity, talk about the science behind it, and explain what is happening and why. Keep explanations and terminology simple and, where possible, relate it to something the students may encounter in their everyday lives.
  • Assist with cleaning and packing up after the event.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Practising or retired professional members, E.I.T., G.I.T., university student members, or applicants in engineering or geoscience. Other applicants may be considered, depending on experience.
  • Pride in the professions of engineering and geoscience.
  • Willingness to share your knowledge and experience with young people.
  • Interest in promoting science, engineering, geoscience, math, technology, and related skills/careers to elementary school students and their parents.
  • Comfortable with presenting simple hands-on science activities and demonstrations related to the Alberta curriculum.

Average Time Commitment

Event frequency as scheduled by branches.

Events generally run from 5:00–8:30 p.m. on a week night, although this is subject to school availability and requests.

Orientation and Training

Guidelines of responsibilities are emailed to volunteers prior to the event. On-site training and written instructions for station activities are provided either in advance via email or upon arrival at the venue. Volunteers typically work in pairs at activity stations.

The Event Manager is in attendance throughout the evening to further support volunteers and ensure the event is successful.


  • Promote a love of science, engineering, geoscience, math, and technology to elementary school children and their parents. Show the fun side of these topics and relate them to practical applications of engineering and geoscience.
  • Promote your profession and enhance the understanding of the work of engineers and geoscientists.
  • Meet and work with other practicing members and university student members.
  • Experience a fun and rewarding evening.
  • Develop public speaking and presentation skills.
  • Earn credits for CPD (continuing professional development) and APEGA Volunteer Recognition.

For more information, email [email protected].