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Mentee Information

The Mentoring Program is currently available in Calgary and Edmonton only, with plans to expand to satellite Branches in 2017. 

Why Mentoring?

There are many reasons to participate in a mentoring partnership and most are related to your work-related learning and development. Some areas for which a mentor can help you include:

  • insight into everyday work situations faced by senior professionals
  • improving work-related essential skills (communication, leadership, teamwork, time management)
  • encouragement and advice for job searches
  • career-path guidance
  • learning about Canadian workplace culture

Note: APEGA mentors do not provide work supervision or references.

Benefits to You

The benefits you can gain from meetings with your mentor include:

  • non-judgmental support from an experienced Professional Member
  • insights from your mentor’s professional and personal experiences
  • enhance your skills through ongoing learning and networking events, and resources shared
  • help your mentor to learn from you (reverse mentoring)
  • you can claim up to 30 Continuing Professional Development hours for each year by being a mentee (informal category).

Who Can Be a Mentee?

APEGA mentees come from all areas of engineering and geoscience. Examinees, Members-in-Training, and Professional Members are all welcome to join.

Do the following statements describe you?

  • I am an active listener
  • I want to improve myself
  • I would like advice from a Professional Member
  • I am open and willing to share
  • I am comfortable receiving constructive feedback
  • I am patient

If so, you could be an APEGA mentee!

Time Commitment

Each mentoring partnership lasts roughly one year, typically involving twice monthly meetings and some email and/or phone communication on non-meeting weeks.


  • $20 to attend initial orientation session, which includes light refreshments
  • $50 for a one-year mentoring program registration


Becoming an APEGA mentee is easy.

  1. Complete your mentee application form online.
  2. Attend a mentee orientation session.
  3. Log in to your account and search for potential mentors (based on your preferences).
  4. Request a mentor, and start mentoring!