Apply for Mentoring

Active APEGA members in good standing are eligible to participate in the mentoring program. Members interested in participating in the one-year program are required to submit an online application and complete orientation online in order to access our matching software.

Mentors must be an APEGA professional member or life member in order to be eligible.

How to Become a Mentor

  1. Click below to apply
  2. Once approved, complete online training and orientation
  3. Respond to match requests and start mentoring!


How to Become a Mentee

  1. Click below to apply
  2. Once approved, complete online training and orientation
  3. Pay $50 + GST fee
  4. Begin requesting matches and start learning!



Do I Qualify As a Mentor?

One question we receive from members is how we determine if you qualify to be a mentor. It really is a personal decision where you believe you have expertise in an area or multiple areas that you feel might be of benefit to other members. If you are unsure, email us [email protected], or call our Edmonton office and we'll assist you in making that decision.

More Than One Partnership

Mentors are able to accept up to three mentees that they can mentor at a time.

Mentees are only able to select one mentor using the software. If mentees wish to request more than one mentor, please contact the Mentoring Coordinator at [email protected], or call our  Edmonton office.

Standards for Participation

It is expected that members conduct themselves professionally while in the program and maintain their APEGA membership. At the discretion of APEGA, members may be suspended from the program if their APEGA membership becomes inactive for any reason, or they are no longer in good standing with APEGA.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need support with the Mentoring Program, contact us at [email protected], or call our  Edmonton office and ask for the Mentoring Coordinator.