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The Power of Trust In The Workplace

11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Register by June 26, 2017

Discover the real power behind trust that accelerates engagement, fosters productivity, and supports your company's reputation. Trust is everything in the business world today. It is all about character and integrity and is the intangible asset that is critical to your short and long term success with your workforce and to your customer and prospects. This webinar is about building up and maintaining the power behind an engaged and empowered workforce.

When you participate in this webinar, you will:

  • Receive an e-book copy of Bruce's book: Why Trust Me? Making Trust Your Competitive Edge.
  • Learn to recognize the 5 top leadership skills necessary to engage your people in creating a dynamic and empowering workplace

  • Identify the most significant reasons employees leave and the impact that has on the rest

  • Understand the impact that trust or the lack of trust, has on your people and the company's success.

  • Embrace the S.A.M. empowerment concept on how improve productivity, retention and morale
  • Identify how to implement the Situational Leadership Model with new employees to move them to confidence and empowerment

About the Presenter

Bruce LeeBruce Lee, MC, brings the experience of solid business background from a good cross section of industry. He has been providing education keynotes, workshops and webinars all across North America full time for the past 27 years. Bruce now follows his passion, working with individuals and organizations, to get the results they need to grow their careers and enhance their business success.




Bruce Lee, MC



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June 26, 2017

For this webinar, we recommend that you participate as an individual using a personal device, rather than as a group in a classroom setting.

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