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Transforming Team Accountability and Results in 90 Days

10:00 am - 11:00 am

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A great position for a leader to be in to achieve Team Key Results would be to know that every single person on their team:

  1. knows clearly what the Team Key Results are; 
  2. is aligned to achieve those results; 
  3. is accountable to the results; and
  4. holds everyone else to a mutual accountability

So, how can this be done? Partners In Leadership has over 25 years of experience and many success stories doing precisely this with the world's best companies, including half of the Fortune 50. They quite literally wrote the books on organizational accountability and have developed the largest body of work on how to achieve key organizational results by developing a Culture of Accountability®. 

In this webinar we will walk through what the process looks like, and how to transform your team in 90 days with a language and system of accountability. This system encourages greater collaboration, innovation, and problem-solving than ever to ensure your team is doing everything possible to achieve your team's key results. 

A team with a compelling case for change, a new leader, a new mandate, or a team just wanting to greatly improve their results and potential will find this webinar compelling.

Presenter Biography

Stephan Brandt, CET,Stephan Brandt, CET, is the Managing Director of DOOR Training & Consulting, the Exclusive Authorized International Representative in Canada for Partners In Leadership, known as the Accountability Training and Culture Change Company™. Stephan works with the people who quite literally wrote the books on Accountability to help leaders hold people accountable in a positive and principled way, and to help individuals, teams and organizations transform and achieve their Key Results, create alignment and increase engagement of the entire organization with a Culture of Accountability®. Stephan has been a business leader and the leader of a faith-based community organization for 25 years in multiple capacities including Youth Leadership and Leadership Development.


Stephen Brandt, CET



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