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Why you need to know about cultural conflict styles

11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Cultural conflict is something many of us face in our increasingly diverse workplace. This webinar will show you what the western and cultural conflict styles are and how to use them both to negotiate tricky situations, decrease misunderstandings and reduce hard feelings when misunderstandings become conflicts. We will also discuss dealing with situations of values clashes, gender differences and working with people who have limited work experience or exposure to other cultures. You won't want to miss this helpful presentation on working with cultural conflict styles - with insights you will use for many years to come!

Participants will learn:

  1. How to understand and use the cultural and western conflict styles approach to working across cultures
  2. Strategies to use when faced with values clashes and gender differences
  3. Ways to work with people who have very little exposure to other cultures and limited work experience

Presenter Biography

Marie Gervais, PhD, CTDPMarie Gervais, PhD, CTDP, CEO of Shift Management Inc., brings workplace learning to new heights with supervisory and leadership training for industry, online learning, webinars, and workplace learning needs assessment services. She applies field-based practical tools to workplace problems, builds capacity for systems thinking and problem solving, and facilitates collaborative teamwork for today’s multicultural workforce. If you are looking for leadership training with real workplace results, happy employees and increased market share, a conversation with Marie is the best place to start. 




Marie Gervais, PhD, CTDP 



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