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Calgary Branch PD Evening - Geosteering: A Key Technology in the Unconventional Oil & Gas Revolution

5:30 pm - 8:45 pm

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Geosteering: A Key Technology in the Unconventional Oil & Gas Revolution

In the past 20 years, horizontal drilling has predominantly replaced vertical wells in both exploratory and development plays globally, successfully improving access to reservoirs and reducing cost per barrel while reducing the surface footprint through pad drilling. Accurate placement of horizontals has required the reduction of geological and other technical risks. 3D mapping and integration of Geological, Geophysical and Engineering data has allowed us to plan horizontals with confidence. Nature’s complexity, including the variability of geological structures, isopachs and rock properties, produces geological, technical and safety risks that constantly need to be addressed.

Several key technologies have evolved, including Geostatistical 3D modelling, information systems, visualization and communication processes. The expectations on placement accuracy are higher, and responsiveness to potential geosteering adjustments is all real-time. Automated rig data acquisition, fast and effective precomputation of 3D rock properties, dip change estimations ahead of the bit, and reduction of doglegs is important to optimizing well placement and completions. Automation in many parts of geosteering is also able to help Operations Geologists and drilling teams deal with the torrent of data and reduce personnel fatigue -  a significant safety concern. 3D geosteering provides quality assurance since technical issues or non-optimized placement places a risk on capital.             

Examples from various Unconventional/Resource Plays will be used to illustrate proactive geosteering processes in the Montney, Permian, Marcellus, etc.

About the Presenter

Rocky Mottahedeh, P.Geol., P.Eng. is both a Professional Geologist and a Professional Reservoir Engineer. Rocky is the President of United Oil & Gas Consulting Ltd. and SMART4D in Calgary. For the past 35 years, he has been involved in geoscience services and technology development. He obtained his B.Sc. from the University of Toronto in geological engineering in 1981, and he spent his first 10 years with TransCanada and PanCanadian. Since then, he has been consulting through his company United Oil & Gas Consulting. Rocky gained experience in evaluation, design, and optimization of waterfloods during his first 15 years as a consultant. In the past 20 years, his focus has been on geomodelling- and geosteering- systems development. United introduced its SMART4D for oil companies in 2015. Many producers in Canada and the US are using it to run operations geology teams for one to eight rigs concurrently. 

Rocky’s interests currently include 3D mapping, modelling, and reservoir characterization.

Rocky has served as a Board Member for the Canadian section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and the Petroleum Society. He is currently a member of APEGA, SPE, CSPG, AAPG, CWLS, and WTGS. 



APEGA Calgary

Windsor Conference Centre

2200-700 2 Street SW


April 11, 2018


5:30 p.m. to 8:45 p.m.


Rocky Mottahedeh, P.Geol., P.Eng.



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April 8, 2018

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