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Webinar | Stress Management and Work-Life Balance for Professional Engineers & Geoscientists

04 Apr 2024
Register by April 2, 2024

This engaging workshop delves into practical strategies aimed at promoting work-life balance and managing stress among engineers and geoscientists. Through a blend of interactive discussions, activities, and recent industry insights, participants will explore key topics including developing skills to overcome work challenges, aligning daily tasks with meaningful goals, employing modern productivity techniques like monotasking and time-boxing, and fostering a culture of autonomy and trust within the workplace.

Emphasis will be placed on understanding the interplay between the nervous system and overwhelm and procrastination. Science-based rejuvenation practices that can be incorporated daily will be discussed. The workshop will also touch on the importance of establishing and maintaining boundaries and integrating one's home and personal life to ward off common work-life balance pitfalls.

This workshop is designed to provide actionable takeaways that participants can readily apply in their professional lives to navigate stress and achieve a harmonious work-life balance.

This session will be held through ON24.

For any questions about this event, please contact [email protected].

About the Speaker

Jolene Hermanson

Jolene Hermanson, P.Geo., is a certified master health coach. Specializing in stress management and recovery, Jolene empowers geoscientists and engineers to improve their work-life balance. She helps them overcome burnout, exhaustion, and overwhelm while enhancing their resiliency and leadership capabilities. Her coaching approach blends science-based technical expertise with holistic well-being, guiding clients toward a balanced and sustainable life, both personally and professionally.

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    Jolene Hermanson, P.Geo.
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    April 2, 2024