Webinar | Capturing Carbon: A Comparative Analysis of Mole Sieve and Amine Technologies

13 Feb 2024
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Molecular sieve and amine technologies find diverse applications in gas processing and separation, extending to the critical realm of carbon capture. While their utilization in carbon capture may deviate from their conventional applications, the fundamental principles remain consistent.

In this presentation, we aim to provide a brief comparative analysis of these two technologies, specifically within the domain of carbon capture applications. We will briefly explore the working principle of each technology and shed light on the unique challenges associated with their implementation in the carbon capture context.

The decision-making process between mole sieve and amine technologies becomes even more crucial in the carbon capture landscape. Factors such as the targeted impurities, the scale of the carbon capture operation, and economic considerations play pivotal roles in determining the most suitable technology. Each approach exhibits distinct advantages and drawbacks, necessitating a meticulous evaluation based on the unique demands of carbon capture applications and operational environments.

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About the Speaker

Amin Sabzevari, P.Eng., CRM, MBA,Amin Sabzevari has consistently demonstrated a results-oriented approach in various sectors, including energy, mining, waste management, and power with more than two decades of dedicated experience. Throughout his career, he has successfully delivered a diverse range of projects, showcasing his commitment to implementing innovative and cost-effective technologies that not only reduce environmental impact, but also enhance overall operational efficiency. In recent years, his focus has shifted towards the forefront of environmental stewardship, specifically in carbon capture and sustainability projects. Beyond his technical work, he has served as an elected member of APEGA's Calgary Branch executive for five consecutive years. He is a registered professional with Engineers and Geoscientists BC, APEGA, and the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan.





Ahmad Mirzaei, P.Eng., PhD, Ahmad Mirzaeihas more than 20 years of professional process engineering international experience in the upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas industry, including gas compression, gas treating, oil production and refinery, carbon capture, petrochemical, utilities, and offsite plants. He has executed a wide range of projects from small to mega projects in feasibility study, conceptual design, FEED, detail engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, and commissioning phases. His passion is to run projects to meet stakeholders’ expectations in terms of quality, time, and budget while upholding safety and environmental regulations. With a chemical engineering background, Ahmad has also attained a postgraduate degree (M.Sc./PhD) in chemical engineering.


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    Amin Sabzevari, P.Eng., CRM, MBA & Ahmad Mirzaei, P.Eng., PhD
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