Webinar | Master Your Retirement

17 Jan 2024
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This presentation is designed to help you understand the things you need to retire successfully. Retirement looks different for every person, so this presentation describes general ideas and concepts that most people will need to consider. The presentation covers the following topics:

  • Retirement planning (25 min.) – The importance of having a plan and sticking to it. Ensuring your investments are properly diversified. How to invest for the long term. Creating a plan for a retirement income withdrawal strategy that will minimize tax in the future.
  • Estate planning (10 min.) – The importance of a will. Describe what a trust is and why you may want one. The impacts of, and planning for, charitable giving at the end of life.
  • Optimizing retirement (10 min.) – How to incorporate government pensions (OAS and CPP) into your retirement withdrawal strategy. Creating and understanding your retirement paycheque. Discuss the planning tools available to aid in creating your retirement paycheque.
  • IG Wealth Management’s approach (5 min.) – Our approach to these items discussed above.
  • Questions (10 min.) – Answer questions and provide our contact information.

This event is brought to you by the Calgary Branch. Everyone is welcome to attend.

For any questions about this event, please contact [email protected].

About the Presenters

Dallin Doney, P.Eng.
Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Dallin holds a bachelor of science in geomatics engineering and a masters of business administration with a specialization in finance, both from the University of Calgary. He holds a professional engineer designation through APEGA in Alberta and is now working towards his designation as a certified financial planner.

Dallin has had extensive international sales and business development experience in the oil and gas and the high-tech industries. In previous working roles, Dallin had great success creating strategic corporate plans, maintaining excellent customer relations, and leading professional sales teams. He has established a successful financial planning practice with IG Wealth Management and continues to grow his practice.

Dallin and his wife, Tami, along with their four children, have lived in the Okotoks area for almost 20 years. They enjoy travelling, being outdoors (especially hiking in the mountains), and being active and they take great pleasure in spending time with their growing teenage children.

Cam Olson
Cam is an experienced professional in the financial services industry and worked independently prior to joining IG Wealth Management in 2002. In his career, he has had extensive experience in risk mitigation through insurance, retirement, and estate planning. He takes great pride in establishing trusted relationships that have evolved into friendships over his years as a financial advisor. He is excited to introduce our superior planning team and tools to new and current client families. When he is not working, Cam enjoys his time outdoors, especially in the mountains, and spending time with his grandkids being pulled behind his boat.

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    Dallin Doney, P.Eng., and Cam Olson
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    January 16, 2024