Webinar | The Importance of Asking Questions

01 Nov 2023
Register by October 30, 2023

    As technical professionals, we spend a lot of time requesting information from others and giving updates to leaders. Unlike lawyers and journalists, who are trained to ask questions, most of us don’t ask enough questions, nor do we ask questions optimally. We often try to balance our roles between managing people and being the technical frontrunners, while discovering the importance of asking questions along the way. Successful consultants and incredible leaders all have the common skill to ask insightful questions that make conversations more productive. Please join me in this session to explore how to frame questions that influence the outcome of conversations that lead to greater successes.

    Learning objectives:

    • Why is it important to ask open-ended questions?
    • How can you implement questions in your day-to-day practice?
    • Why are questions critical to feedback and coaching?
    • How can you effectively question given your level? (E.I.T., P.Eng., senior engineer, VP)

    For any questions about this event, please contact [email protected].

    This session will be held through ON24.

    About the Speaker

    Michael ProceeMichael Procee, P.Eng., is an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, board member, energy industry professional, innovation and entrepreneurship educator, innovation podcast host, doctor of business administration candidate with a focus on corporate innovation, and a founding member of the Calgary Innovation Peer Forum. Mike strives to provide practical solutions to large organizations looking to leverage innovation as a way to achieve their long-term strategy, sharing his journey with those interested along the way and utilizing his knowledge to help others.

    • Speaker:
      Michael Procee, P.Eng.
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      October 30, 2023