APEGA Nexus 2023| Virtual Professional Development Conference

07 Jun 2023
Register by June 06, 2023

Join hundreds of engineering and geoscience professionals at APEGA Nexus and get immersed in a virtual experience unlike any other. This year’s conference takes place on June 7 and 8 and hosts three exciting keynote presentations, networking opportunities, a virtual expo, and 25 sessions across five streams—progress, protection, productivity, potential, and purpose. 

Meet Our Keynotes

2023-APEGA-Nexus-keynotes Our first keynote speaker at this year's conference is Dr. Susan Hockfield, the former president of Michigan Institute of Technology—the first woman and the first biologist to fill the role. With her extensive experience in academia, industry, and public service, Dr. Hockfield will offer attendees a unique perspective on how innovation drives growth and progress using examples of cutting-edge technologies developed from the intersection of biology and engineering in Living Machines: How the Next Tech Revolution Will Change Our Lives. 

Dr. Jay Van Bavel, our opening keynote speaker on day two, is a renowned social psychologist and professor who has conducted extensive research on the power of human connection. In his keynote, The Science of Collaboration: Why Working Together Matters, he’ll explore how teamwork can lead to discovery and innovation, why collaboration matters and how to promote it within a group, and how to harness the power of a collective identity.  

Dr. Shimi Kang, a clinical professor at the University of British Columbia, author, and psychiatrist, will close our conference. She is well-known for her research on the power of play and its positive impact on mental health, creativity, and innovation. Her keynote, The Power of Play, promises to inspire attendees to explore new possibilities and embrace play to unlock your potential and drive your progress.  

Curate a Fulfilling Conference Experience  

Build a conference schedule aligned with your professional development aspirations. Don’t worry if you are unsure which sessions to choose—attendees will have access to sessions on demand as well. With 25 sessions on offer, APEGA Nexus will help you improve your technical know-how, explore the power of human connection and the limitless possibilities that arise from networking and collaborating, and earn up to 53 continuing professional development hours of informal activity, providing an excess of hours that you may claim or carry forward for up to two years. 

But that’s not all APEGA Nexus has to offer! Visit the virtual expo, connect with new friends in the networking mixers, and enter to win prizes. After the conference, access any sessions you missed on demand. There is something for everyone, no matter where you are in your career.  

  • Where:
  • Speaker:
    Dr. Susan Hockfield, Dr. Jay Van Bavel, & Dr. Shimi Kang
  • Cost:
    $190 - $375
  • Eligible CPD Hours:
  • Registration Deadline:
    June 06, 2023