Should I Stay or Should I Go? Career-Maker Tools to Help You Decide

13 Apr 2023
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We all experience the feeling of being stuck in a less-than-satisfying career or job role. It can be hard to figure out whether sticking it out is a better career move than looking for something new. Then just when you think you have made a decision, the fear of loss kicks in and makes you doubt your choice either way!

Can you tell there is personal experience here?!

You will be happy to know there are helpful decision-making tools that can pave the way to a solid career decision and get you safely to your next goal. You will be able to apply this learning opportunity to many upcoming decision moments in your life, so don't delay, register today!

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About the Speaker

Marie Gervais, PhD, is a Certified Emotional Success Coach and Certified Training and Development Professional at Shift Management Inc. She has a doctoral degree in culture and learning in the workplace and is the author of The Spirit of Work: Timeless Wisdom, Current Realities. She has trained and coached more than 500 supervisors, managers, and business owners for career and business success, hosts the Culture and Leadership Connections podcast, and publishes on topics like the future of work, communication, and psychological workplace safety.

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    Marie Gervais
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    April 12