Webinar | How to Support Neurodivergent Employees and Co-Workers

23 Feb 2023
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Neurodivergent employees and co-workers bring unique perspectives and innovative approaches to organizations. Supportive employers and fellow team members who offer a psychologically safe environment are best equipped to unleash the full potential of neurodivergent employees. 

About the Presenter 

Jennifer Kirkelund is a registered provisional psychologist at Insight Psychological. With her previous employment in corporate environments, her background includes working in provincial government, a post-secondary institution, and high schools. She has assisted diverse clients from a variety of backgrounds, including students and professionals in new, mid-career, and pre-retirement roles. With training and experience in career management and leadership development, she has also provided intensive intervention with clients undergoing significant organizational change or difficult work environments and relationships. She believes strongly in lifelong learning and professional development, continually seeking additional opportunities for growth.


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    Jennifer Kirkelund
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    February 22, 2023