Webinar | Women Engineers' Experiences in the Workplace

01 Feb 2023
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Ann-Louise Howard, PhD, is proud to share her doctoral thesis, which documents her Canadian study of women engineers’ experiences of suffering in the workplace. This focus turned out to be a window into the sometimes dangerous, covert, gendered dynamics of engineering that help maintain the status quo. Using the participants’ words, she created a rich text that describes what is largely hidden in their experience—mainly because much of it is so normal to them that they take it for granted. When she reviewed the findings through the existing research on women in engineering and on microaggressions, new, provocative insights emerged. These insights point to hidden, gendered microaggressions that are unique to the profession. They suggest how the culture of engineering likely intensifies microaggressions’ hidden dynamics and contributes to women’s invalidation and marginalization. While many women navigate these microaggressions well, sometimes even effortlessly, they can come to have a profound effect on women engineers’ lives, as they did on her participants.

Dr. Howard’s presentation is not related to APEGA’s 30-by-30 research or goals and is solely based on her personal research and thesis.

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About the Presenter

Ann-Louise Howard, PhD, is an assistant professor in the department of Applied Human Sciences at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. She holds a bachelor's degree in engineering from McGill University and, before shifting to academia, she worked in the high-tech sector in the fields of engineering, program management, ethics, and organizational development. 



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    Ann-Louise Howard, PhD
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    January 31, 2023