Webinar | Mentoring & Networking: Back to Basics

18 Aug 2022
Register by August 16, 2022

Join AJ Conway, Mentoring & Networking Coordinator at APEGA, as we dive into the best practices for mentoring and networking.

The pandemic has changed so much about how we meet and connect with each other; new and updated tools allow us to connect much more quickly, but we still need to be grounded in how to best connect with others, regardless of the tools we use.

This session is all about getting back to the basics of meeting and connecting with others in mentoring and networking contexts.

About the Presenter

AJ Conway brings his passion for education and learning to his role as Mentoring & Networking Coordinator at APEGA. Having a background in education, AJ focuses on creating opportunities that maximize potential for lifelong learning and collaboration.

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    AJ Conway
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    August 16, 2022