Webinar | Alberta's Tech Sector - Hitting It Out of the Park

15 Feb 2022
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For years, Alberta has had the benefit of a strong industry sector combined with outstanding academic institutions, an entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for innovation. The result is a thriving tech community that serves markets globally – but often is not well-known at home. Technology Alberta will share general information on Alberta’s strong and growing tech sector – centred in the Edmonton Research Park and beyond - as well as profile 3 local entrepreneurs who are actively hiring and growing in spaces as diverse as: Industrial Automation, Simulations for Disaster Recovery, and Educational Information Systems.


Ahmad Jawad, MBA – Founder & CEO
Intellimedia is committed to providing education analytics and integration solutions to help schools power student success. Flagship education solutions used across Alberta include Dossier Education Management System, SchoolEngage and InteliLink.

Sunil Vedula, MBA – Founder & CEO
Nanoprecise specializes in implementation of Artificial Intelligence and IoT technology for predictive asset maintenance and condition monitoring. The timely and accurate early diagnosis of impending machine faults allows decisions that will save considerable time and resources.

Myrna Bittner, MBA – Founder & CEO
RUNWITHIT Synthetics takes on the expensive and frustrating problems that all kinds of complex digital systems have with reality. RWI has expanded their synthetic realities to the massive scale – including synthetic cities – optimizing systems understanding and the interplay of people under scenarios including: energy transition, disaster response, and risk mitigation.



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    Ahmad Jawad, Myrna Bittner, Sunil Vedula
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    February 14, 2022