Webinar | Introduction to AI Micro Credential

16 Dec 2021
Register by December 15, 2021

Industry 5.0 depends on the co-operation between human and machine, in which human intelligence works in harmony with cognitive computing. When humans are put into industrial production with collaborative robots, workers will be more productive and provide value-added tasks in production, which leads to mass customization and personalization for customers. Industrial automation is replacing the manual control which was performed by humans using the automatic control devices and the new updated technologies to manage the operation process in the industrial field can be called industrial automation.

Artificial intelligence (AI) adds intelligence to existing products. AI can be used to improve some existing products by adding some AI features to products, like Apple's product when they added Siri as a new feature which is an AI system. Adding more information and data to smarts machines and conversational platforms help in improving many technologies at home and at the workplace, from security intelligence to investment analysis.

In this webinar, the following topics will be covered:

  • AI and automation in many industries
  • Social impacts of AI
  • Demos for how quickly integrating AI using Python modern libraries into daily life applications
  • Introduction to AI program tailored by RoboGarden for APEGA members and registration process

About the Presenter

Nicole Woodland, P.Eng., is an engineer with a background in geological engineering where data analysis, visualizations and data storytelling were an integral part of her success supporting balanced development in the energy industry. Her interest for advancing technology and finding relationships in data led her into the technology sector in 2019, where she now instructs machine learning to others interested in this exciting and in-demand field, alongside providing consulting services for advanced data analysis and machine learning. Nicole is also actively involved in the non- profit sector, where she leads an organization using a data focus to promote equity in women’s perinatal health. She strongly believes in helping make technology accessible and understandable to anyone curious about pursuing data science for fun and as a career!

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    Nicole Woodland, P.Eng.
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    December 15, 2021