Webinar | Metal Casting Parts: Architectural & Structural

30 Nov 2021
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This session will introduce casting parts in contrast with fabricated structural steel and other metals. We will also explain the casting processes and the unique advantages that cast metal will bring to architectural and structural applications. Audiences will leave with a knowledge of cast metal grades and alloys, as well as their applications.

Learning Objectives

  • Present the application of the casting parts for HSS structural connections, bridge construction, timber structures, truss and bracing applications.
  • Review fatigue sensitive joints and eliminating difficult welding.

About the Presenter

Taher Hosseinzadeh, P.Eng., is president and senior design engineer of Demir Engineering Ltd., a material and metallurgical engineering company located in Edmonton, Alberta. As an engineering and manufacturing firm, Demir Engineering offers a variety of services and products to design and manufacture metal casting parts for different industrial and engineering applications. Taher began his career in metal casting industries for automotive as a metallurgist and continued as product design engineer for heavy industries such as mining, oil and gas, construction, and infrastructure industries.

During the career that spans more than two decades, Taher has stabilized his reputation for combining material engineering and manufacturing technics to offer innovative and custom engineered products out of metal alloys. 

  • Speaker:
    Taher Hosseinzadeh, P.Eng.
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    November 29, 2021