Webinar | Your Responsibilities under OH&S Part 3

19 Oct 2021
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Were you surprised when the town of Drayton Valley was fined $325,000 for the 2017 workplace fatality under Alberta's OH&S Code Part 3 Section 12, “An employer must ensure that equipment … is operated … in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications or the specifications certified by a professional engineer"? Are you concerned about how your organization meets those requirements? This session will enable you to explain and implement the requirements, and check for compliance within your organization. This session will examine Alberta's OH&S Code, Part 3, Specifications and Certifications, and Section 12, Following specifications", and Section 13(1) Manufacturer’s and professional engineer’s specifications. This session is based on the presenter's application of Part 3 within the day-to-day operations of nine world-scale petrochemical plants at two geographic facilities in Alberta, and numerous reviews at oil and gas companies operating in Alberta, as well as teaching at The University of Alberta.

About the Presenter

john-cocchioJohn R. Cocchio, P.Eng., is the principal of GoSafetyPro, an independent in the field of Engineering Safety and Risk Management. GoSafetyPro offers expertise in the areas of occupational safety and process safety risk management. John's expertise is based over 32 years petrochemical manufacturing industry experience in a broad range of process technologies in several world-scale chemical, petrochemical, and plastics manufacturing plants, and the application of this section of the Code within those facilities.

  • Speaker:
    John R. Cocchio, P.Eng.
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    Admission: $45
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    October 17, 2021