Entrepreneurship Panel Discussion

14 Jun 2021
Register by June 13, 2021

Endless opportunities exist for those who can think beyond paths of traditional employment. Meet a group of exceptional engineers who are blazing their own trails. Our panelists will share their answers to the following questions (and more), followed by a Q&A:

  • How has being an entrepreneur affected your life?
  • What motivates you?
  • What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage it?
  • How do you come up with new ideas?


Chris Molzahn, P.Eng.

  • Founder of Revolution Consulting, which specializes in the scientific approach to product development in industries such as Energy, Construction and Manufacturing.
  • Major focus on increasing efficiencies within the Oil and Gas industry to help reduce GHG emissions and water usage.
  • Revolution is known as a company that can turn ideas into marketable products in short periods of time, this agile process is known as “rapid prototyping”.
  • Graduated from the University of Alberta with a Mechanical Engineering Degree with a background in Project Management.
  • Coaches and Mentors aspiring entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators. As a fellow entrepreneur, I enjoy the start up space and always enjoy listening to peoples' ideas and business plans.

Nasim Morawej, P.Eng.

Nasim is the co-founder of Sentient Tools Engineering, an outsourced R&D firm, specializing in product development and engineering project support. Nasim holds an undergrad degree in Electronics Engineering and MSC in Materials Engineering. She built a strong foundation through experiences in multiple engineering and project management roles across North America and Europe prior to forming the engineering start up firm in Edmonton in 2017. The Sentient team has been working tirelessly, project after project and product after product, to build up the firm. She loves travelling and swimming in non-pandemic times.

Shivangi (Shay) Sharma, E.I.T.

Shay Sharma is an engineer and founder of two companies. With over 3 years of experience consulting in both the engineering and digitization space, she is passionate in learning the central role of people in companies and how this role can be enhanced through technology. Shay holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the University of Alberta.

Muniba Waqar, E.I.T.

Muniba is an Entrepreneur, a Software Engineer and holds certification in Software Product Management. She attended the University of Calgary and graduated with an Electrical Engineering degree in 2016.  Recently, she completed the EvolveU Full Stack Developer program and currently holds a developer position with JOTDigital. Naturally collaborative, curious, and always the entrepreneur, Muniba has become well acquainted with the emerging tech platforms in Calgary and is passionate about supporting Alberta's tech/innovation sector. Muniba is excited to share her experience balancing her career with her journey as an entrepreneur to help engineering students and graduates find their bearings in the world and step forward with confidence. 

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    June 13, 2021