Webinar | InSAR and Seismic Monitoring of a SAGD Reservoir

03 Dec 2020
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Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) is a monitoring method for surface deformation. InSAR has many applications across industries, including construction, geotechnical, and resource exploitation where surface stability is related to pressure changes in conventional reservoirs, carbon sequestration, and aquifers. Specific to thermal oilsands, it is growing in use due to decreases in cost and technology advancements.

Previous implementations of InSAR in oilsands have focused on correlating surface deformation with steam injection rates (Granda et al., 2012), and the steam chamber (James et al., 2012). However, there are discrepancies when using surface deformation to infer steam chamber thickness. These differences can provide further insight into reservoir conformance, production, and quality.

This presentation discusses the complementary nature of InSAR and seismic methods to monitor the development of thermal SAGD operations—primarily steam injection, which causes changes in fluid content and state, temperature, and pressure. A qualitative interpretation of both methods increases insight into the reservoir quality, conformance, and understanding of low performing reservoirs. We may also be able to infer the degree of depletion by using the surface deformation growth curve.

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About the Presenter

Dennis EllisonDennis Ellison, P. Geo. helps producers get more from their data by leveraging next-generation technology in his role as Technical Advisor – Geophysics. His career started in depth imaging of geologically complex land data and transitioned into Reservoir Characterization and Quantitative Interpretation, focusing on unconventional reservoir fluid and rock property prediction. Mr. Ellison earned a BSc and MSc in Geophysics from the University of Calgary, and he actively volunteers with ENERGYminute and the CSEG. He has received technical and service awards from GeoConvention, the CSEG, and the SPE. 

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    Dennis Ellison, P. Geo.
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