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Protecting the Canadian Contractor Model

5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Protecting the Canadian Contractor Model: Are You and Your Independent Contractors Working Together?

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Are you aware of the recent changes in several regulators and government groups regarding independent contractors? Each could impact your business in the coming years as well as reduce or eliminate the independent contractor model here in Canada. Effects of the destruction of the contractor model can already be observed in the US and the UK. Important developments include:

  • Canada Revenue Agency's (CRA) tax rules and resource allocation targeting Personal Service Businesses (PSB)
  • Employment law cases and common law
  • Ontario's Employment Standards Act
  • WCB rulings

Independent contractors are a critical resource for companies. In fact, at some companies, contractors make up approximately 30% of the total procurement spend. Companies in Alberta have been increasing reliance on this specialized and flexible workforce—contractors now make up 17% of Alberta's workforce. Over 70% of organizations state that a contingent workforce of contractors is a vital part of their staffing strategy.

Understanding where risk resides in this topic has not been clear, resulting in misinformation for both contractors and employers. This presentation provides the facts regarding the situation, explaining the risks, opportunities, and solutions. Key issues this presentation will address include:

  • Impact of changes at Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regarding independent contractors
  • Ontario's proposed Employment Standards Act changes
  • Risks and opportunities for both employers and contractors
  • Strategies that can be used by progressive organizations and contractors

About the Presenter

Aly Bandali, FCPHRAly Bandali, FCPHR, is CEO of Professional Contractor Solutions Inc., a Calgary-based firm. Their unique model significantly reduces the risk of contractors being reclassified as a Personal Services Business by the CRA and/or as dependent on the organization with whom they are engaged. The PCSI model provides the opportunity for both parties to significantly mitigate risk and preserve the contractor role. Aly has 20 years of HR executive management experience and is considered a content knowledge expert on contingent workforce solutions. He has worked as human resources strategist in many sectors, including oil and gas, energy, engineering, private enterprise and not-for-profit.


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