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Incident Investigation and Analysis to Uncover Latent Causes

8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Register by April 19, 2017

Have you ever gone through an investigation, only to wonder if you’ve found the right causes? Or walk away with a laundry list of action items in the hundreds? Sign up for this session to learn how to uncover the incident causes and explore two methods to rank and manage the actions so owners and clients can make informed decisions for implementation.

Organizations experience incidents ranging in severity from the near miss with no consequences, up to a major loss incident with significant consequences for people – workers and the public, the environment, and business interests (assets, productivity, reputation, and social license). By applying these work processes, you can discover the underlying latent causes so you can identify effective recommendations to prevent a recurrence. This approach is reactive when investigating an incident in one’s own facility, yet can be proactive when applied to external events to learn from others. 

This session is based on the presenter's extensive application in over 100 actual loss incidents. Discussion includes:

  • incident investigation key points
  • rigorous root cause analysis (no special software needed!)
  • a fresh perspective on the Swiss Cheese Model, how to manage the recommendations
  • the positive impact that the effective application of these work processes can have on your organization’s safety culture

By participating in this session, you'll receive:

  • A tip-sheet to know when you’ve uncovered the latent causes in a root cause analysis
  • A tip-sheet for prioritizing and managing the recommendations from the incident investigation

Presenter Biography

john cocchioJohn R. Cocchio is an industrial professor with the School of Engineering Safety and Risk Management within the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta. John is also the principal of GoSafetyPro, an independent in the field of engineering safety and risk management. GoSafetyPro offers expertise in the areas of occupational safety and process safety risk management. His expertise is based on over 30 years of petrochemical manufacturing industry experience in a broad range of process technologies in several world-scale petrochemical and plastics manufacturing plants. 


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John R. Cocchio


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