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Challenging Conversations Made Easy

8:30 am - 4:30 pm

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As much as you'd like to avoid holding difficult conversations at work or at home, you can’t. However, you can get more skilled at handling the challenging conversations you face. Thankfully, you don’t have to be born with these skills... they can be learned! This session provides practice for clearing conversational hurdles.

Sooner or later, each of us needs to have a conversation with someone that we will find difficult. Whether this involves saying "no" to your boss, giving constructive feedback to a co-worker, or conducting a performance review with a insubordinate direct report, such conversations are often filled with stress and anxiety.  Having learn models, tools, and techniques for approaching your difficult conversations will strengthen your confidence and composure. When emotions run high and there is a lot at stake, you want to guide difficult conversations toward productive ends.

You will learn the concepts and skills required to overcome difficulties and effectively respond to emotions—your own and others'. You will also gain valuable insight into your own personal challenges, and leave with proven techniques for greater negotiation success.

When you participate in this session, you'll receive:

  • Challenging Conversations Cheat Sheet – a step-by-step process to plan and carry out a difficult conversation
  • Situation Assessment – a tool that prompts you to put your feelings aside and prepare objectively

Presenter Biography

Maurice FritzeMaurice Fritze is a dynamic presenter who is well-respected for his strategic thinking, insight, patience, diplomacy and exceptional skill in navigating sensitive situations. He uses his experience, accomplishments and passion to help others learn, grow and succeed in achieving their goals. Maurice worked as a Conflict Coach for the Legal Education Society and ADR Education and he also mediates disputes as a private consultant. He studied with the Alberta Mediation and Arbitration Society, and was on the mediation roster of the Provincial Court of Alberta for 10 years. Maurice was the recipient of the 1992 Governor General's Commemorative Medal, and has been recognized by the Alberta Justice Minister for over 120 mediations at Provincial Court. He teaches three two-day seminars on conflict resolution at MacEwan University, and is a registered lobbyist who teaches seminars on lobbying and mentoring.


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Maurice Fritze


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