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Calgary Branch PD Evening: Acoustics in the Built Environment

5:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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Acoustical engineering covers a wide range of topics and applications in both physical acoustics and dynamics. Three of these disciplines have been strongly associated with the acoustic modeling, measurement, and analysis of sound and vibration and are in line with the following engineering applications:

  1. Environmental – Noise propagation outdoors, applications on the impact of noise on the natural environment, and the control of noise and vibration emissions.
  2. Architectural – Noise indoors or inside the built environment, also known as "room acoustics." This details the behaviour of sound inside enclosed spaces and accounts for building transmission loss, leakages, amplification, and the diffusion of sound and attenuation of mechanical and electrical services noise and vibration inside buildings and halls.
  3. Electronics – Covers the subjects of reproduced sound and human hearing.

This presentation will explore the practical technology needed to achieve a more acceptable acoustic environment for human life. It is aimed at mechanical, structural, and electrical engineers who work in the building industry, and at project managers. Also, it should serve as a useful foundation for architectural and environmental engineers, as well as students encountering acoustics for the first time. It provides the fundamental knowledge necessary for understanding more specialized topics in room acoustics and services noise.

About the Presenter

Salem Al Hirtil P.EngSalem Al-Hirtil, P.Eng., is an acoustical engineer with over 30 years of experience in the field of fundamental acoustics and acoustical engineering, environmental noise, engineering noise control design, vibration analysis, and assessment of human exposure to noise. His acoustical engineering experience was received in Canada and the UK. Recently he worked for ATCO Noise Management and held the post of chief acoustician. He has designed noise control measures for more than 100 power plants, mines, and steel industries in Alberta, Canada, USA, and around the world.

He is familiar with noise regulations in Alberta and the AUC/AER (Alberta Utilities Commission/Alberta Energy Regulator), provincial and federal regulations, and regulations around the world, with emphasis on industrial noise control procedures for the assessment and mitigation of noise and vibration from oil, gas, power utilities, airports, rail, road, and other various industries.

Mr. Al-Hirti's postgraduate research was undertaken at the School of Acoustics and Electronic Engineering in the University of Salford in Manchester, England, and his undergraduate studies were in mechanical engineering. He was a research fellow for the Faculty of Engineering at Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland. He worked with Marshall Macklin Monaghan Consulting Engineers in Ontario as a coordinator of the Acoustics, Noise and Vibration Group.

He is an active member of APEGA, member of the British Institute of Acoustics, past-member of the Institute of Noise Control Engineers of the USA, and past member of the Canadian Acoustical Association.

Where Calgary APEGA Office
2200 Scotia Centre
Windsor Conference Centre
700 2 St SW
Calgary, AB  T2P 2W1
Date May 16, 2019
Time 5:30 – 9:00 p.m.

Registration: 5:30 p.m.
Presentation: 6:00 p.m.
Speaker Salem Al-Hirtil, P.Eng.
Cost Member: $30
Non-Member: $40
Registration Deadline May 12, 2019

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