Virtual Meeting Bylaw Vote | Feb 8 to March 11, 2021

Vote to authorize meetings of the Association to be held in person, electronically, or as a hybrid.

Virtual Meeting Bylaw Vote

From February 8 to March 11, 2021, APEGA licensed professionals are asked to vote electronically during the annual APEGA Council election, which will include a second ballot question.

You are asked to vote to approve an amendment to the APEGA bylaws that will authorize meetings of the Association (such as the annual general meeting) to be held in person, electronically, or as hybrid combination of both.

One ballot, two questions

Each eligible licensed professional can only submit one ballot, which will include both your election candidate choices as well as your bylaw vote selection. Please be sure to complete both selections before submitting.

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Proposed Motion for Licensed Professional Vote

This item is being presented to APEGA licensed professionals for an electronic vote to approve the following amendment to the APEGA bylaws.

The following question will appear on your annual election ballot, where you will be asked to provide both your election candidates choices as well as your bylaw vote selection.

Moved and Seconded that

The amendment adopted by Council to the APEGA bylaws to insert new Section 20 Subsection 3 is hereby approved, which reads:

20(3) Any meeting of the Association and of Council may be conducted:

  • a. In person;
  • b. Electronically, that permits participation by video and/or audio, voting, the identification of participants who seek recognition to speak, and the display of motions, subject to any rules regarding participation in an electronic meeting that Council may promulgate; or
  • c. A combination of in person and electronic means that satisfies the requirements prescribed in subsection b).

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Background on bylaw vote

In order to hold the 2021 APEGA annual general meeting (AGM) in April, an amendment to the APEGA bylaws is necessary. The desired format is an in-person meeting in Calgary; however, recognizing the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic, it will likely be necessary to hold the AGM either fully electronically or as a hybrid meeting.

The current bylaws do not authorize AGMs or other meetings of the Association to be held electronically. Bylaw 20 (1) stipulates that APEGA's meetings shall be governed by Robert's Rules of Order, which requires proceedings to be held in one room or area unless otherwise specified by the bylaws. Bylaw 16 (3) states that a quorum for an in-person AGM shall consist of at least 60 licensed professionals.

In so far as Alberta's ongoing public health orders have placed limits on the capacity of indoor gatherings, and given the ongoing uncertainty of the pandemic, both bylaw requirements make it impossible to establish quorum for an in-person AGM in April 2021.

An amendment to the existing bylaws is required to authorize holding electronic or hybrid meetings to give APEGA the ability to proceed with the AGM (and other required meetings) while still complying with public health orders and ensuring that our licensed professionals are safe.

Providing greater flexibility, engagement, and participation

The proposed amendment is simply an update that will modernize the bylaws to reflect current trends, in part precipitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of you are already attending various meetings electronically in your professional and personal lives. This amendment will update the APEGA bylaws to explicitly authorize the same for required Association meetings.

Furthermore, this amendment will give our licensed professionals the flexibility to attend Association meetings, such as the AGM, remotely if and when necessary, now and in the future. By allowing future AGMs and other Association meetings to continue electronically or as a hybrid will enable greater engagement and participation from licensed professionals who want to attend remotely from their work or home.

Procedure for amending an APEGA bylaw

Under the Engineering and Geoscience Professions (EGP) Act, the procedure for amending a bylaw involves two steps:

  1. The amendment must be made by APEGA Council (EGP Act Section 20 (1)).
  2. The amendment must be approved by a majority of licensed professionals at the next annual general meeting after Council makes the amendment or through a mail or electronic vote (EGP Act Sections 20 (3)(b) and 86.2 (1).

On December 10, 2020, APEGA Council adopted an amendment to the bylaws to authorize Council and Association meetings to be conducted either in person, electronically, or both.

Licensed professionals now need to vote on the proposed bylaw amendment prior to the AGM in April 2021.

To simplify the voting process, APEGA licensed professionals are asked to vote on the bylaw vote at the same time as the annual APEGA Council election from February 8 to March 11, 2021. Both votes will use the same electronic voting platform and be submitted on the same ballot.

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Please send any questions about the Virtual Meeting Bylaw Vote to [email protected].

Briefing Note to Licensed Professionals

View and download a PDF with all the information regarding the upcoming Virtual Meeting Bylaw Vote.

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