Dr. Tim Joseph, P.Eng., 2019 Candidate for APEGA President | APEGA

Dr. Tim Joseph, P.Eng., 2019 Candidate for APEGA President

Dr. Tim Joseph, P.Eng.

Tim Joseph's Professional Highlights

  • Recently appointed as Associate Dean (Student Conduct) for the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta, meaning he is responsible for all discipline decisions for the more than 6,000 engineering students attending the university
  • Awarded the Distinguished Service Medal from the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum in 2011 for his contributions to the global mining industry and to mining engineering education
  • An expert in mine equipment, having a principal role in the innovative design of a number of major pieces of mining equipment and delivering industry PD training programs worldwide on mastering mining operations and decisions
  • Experience on APEGA Council, 2017 and 2018, including current Vice-President and service as chair of the Policy & Standards Task Force

Tim Joseph's Personal Statement

As a professional engineer, educator, and strategic leader in volunteer organizations for 20 years, most recently serving APEGA as a Councillor and the Vice-President, I continue to advocate for transparency, ethical honesty, empathy, knowledge enhancement, and courage to change. With two decades of governance, fiduciary, membership, and outreach volunteer activity, I have heard the concerns of APEGA members.

Albertans are aware of APEGA—but largely unaware of what engineers and geoscientists actually do. I will move APEGA forward to better communicate to Albertans, especially in trusted assurance of those licensed under APEGA for services.

Our 2020 Centennial places APEGA under the spotlight. APEGA must clearly demonstrate the highest standards of its members to the public. Members need to find value in volunteering: branch activities, statutory boards, and running for APEGA Council. I will commit to moving APEGA to deliver on value-driven volunteering and participation.

APEGA members continue to find CPD challenging, especially formal activity. I will commit to moving APEGA forward in establishing CPD opportunities directly tied to members’ discipline focuses.

In an era when the viability of self-regulation in Canada is questioned, a priority is moving the EGP Act regulatory changes through approval to assure APEGA’s continued relevance as a self-regulator. I will commit to moving APEGA towards being a stronger, transparent regulator.

I am seeking your support and faith to move APEGA forward. I value your trust, I will make the time and the commitment needed, and I look forward to the challenge and change.

Tim Joseph's Q&A

What does self-regulation mean to you as a member of APEGA?

Self-regulation is taking responsibility for your work and the work of others, drawing on training and experience as a licensed professional. It is about ensuring quality of work in the protection of all exposed to that work, and holding those accountable in delivering such work. It is as much an ethical and personal responsibility as it is an adherence to the EGP Act in our commitment to protect the public. APEGA may take the official compliance role as the self-regulator, but each of us is also responsible.

Why are you running for Council and why do you think it’s important to serve in this way?

It is one thing to talk about taking a leading role; it is another to act on it. Having experienced APEGA as a volunteer, a Councillor, and the Vice-President, it is time for me to step up and lead. APEGA is a multi-faceted, complex, member-based organization; it requires strategic leadership with foresight. We must be mindful of the implications of the issues of the day and also of what the future will hold.

What challenges do today’s engineers and geoscientists face?

Engineers and geoscientists, particularly in the Alberta resource sector, face challenging economic times. Opportunities are slim, but collaboration may be a vehicle to navigate depressed markets. Members have suggested that APEGA should host forums for discussions on innovative collaboration. Feedback provides valuable direction for APEGA in this area.

What is the value of professional membership in APEGA?

The value of professional membership in APEGA is hard to see for many members. If you are not involved as volunteers at branches, on statutory committees, in outreach, or as Councillors, APEGA is merely a collector of annual fees and your CPD reporting. Benefits like insurance and travel discounts do not cut it. APEGA needs to expand the variety of opportunities for direct involvement for the value proposition to be realized.

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