Dr. Swapan Das, P.Eng., 2019 Candidate for APEGA Councillor | APEGA

Dr. Swapan Das, P.Eng., 2019 Candidate for APEGA Councillor

Dr. Swapan Das, P.Eng.

Swapan Das's Professional Highlights 

  • 34 years of experience in the oil patch and has mentored and trained many junior engineers
  • Vice-President, Reservoir Productivity Management, at Value Creation Inc., Calgary
  • Has his PhD from the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering at the University of Calgary (1995)

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Swapan Das's Personal Statement

I have been a proud member of APEGA for over two decades and feel that this organization can do more to bring forward the work members are doing professionally to improve the quality of life and environment in Alberta and worldwide. We are 60,000 strong—a group of highly educated professionals with diverse educational and cultural backgrounds. It does not seem right that APEGA should be oblivious and succumb to external pressures on our livelihoods, most of which are political and created by vested interest groups.

APEGA members are working hard every moment to improve processes and technologies for a better world. With such a huge talent pool in APEGA, we need to use facts and figures to educate people, mostly the youngsters, about reality, so that they are aware and are not emotionally blackmailed. This is not about taking a side but about bringing out the truth.

Our CPD system needs to be made more effective and relevant. It should not be about just checking boxes. The current economic situation in Alberta has forced many of us into survival mode, working in gas stations or doing odd jobs. We deserve a reprieve and should not be led to arbitrary courses for fulfilling our CPD requirement. APEGA needs to break the status quo. Lost membership may be a slippery slope for APEGA.

Part of the APEGA vision is to instill pride in members. I will raise this in Council as a priority.

Swapan Das's Q&A

What does self-regulation mean to you as a member of APEGA?

Being professional members of APEGA, we all work with proper due diligence, following standards of practice and applying technical skills gained through accredited educational institutions and personal work experience. Continued employment, growth, and customer satisfaction are indicators of our work as self-regulated professionals.

Why are you running for Council and why do you think it's important to serve in this way?

I believe APEGA can and needs to do more for members. I have talked to many members, and I hear complaints that APEGA is a money grab and not focused on member welfare. I will raise this issue as a member of the Council. If needed, I will strive to be elected to the executive—a prerequisite is serving on Council for at least a year.

What challenges do today's engineers and geoscientists face?

The technical challenges are the same, and in general professional members are self-driven for improvement all the time. It’s the social challenge on industry. Survival of Alberta’s industry is the key challenge.

What is the value of professional membership in APEGA?

For members with private practice and others who need to stamp and certify their work and others’ work, APEGA membership is of utmost importance. Many practising engineers, who usually work under APEGA members, do not get much value, other than nice-to-have or for a situation that may arise. In many cases it’s not a requirement for the job. Having a P.Eng. on the business card should bring pride, which is fading away with all the lost engineering jobs in Alberta. In my personal discussion with many members the question that came out is, “Is it worth it?”

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