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Shawn Morrison, P.Eng., 2019 Candidate for APEGA President

Shawn Morrison, P.Eng.

Shawn Morrison's Professional Highlights

  • More than 38 years’ experience in engineering and project management
  • Director of Mechanical Engineering and CEO of M5 Engineering Inc. in Calgary
  • Active APEGA volunteer, volunteering at Life Member Events, New Member Induction Ceremonies, and Iron Ring Ceremonies
  • Experience on APEGA Council, 2000–2003 and 2008–2011, including service on Finance Committee and Governance Committee

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Shawn Morrison's Personal Statement

Shawn was born and raised in Edmonton. After graduating from Bonnie Doon High School, he started working as a process operator at Celanese Canada and continued working there during university. He obtained a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering in 1980 from the University of Alberta.

After graduation he worked for Canadian General Electric, followed by Dillingham Construction and then Syncrude Canada Ltd. in various roles in Fort McMurray. There, he started volunteering with APEGA’s Fort McMurray branch and for the community.

A more challenging career awaited in Calgary—and more APEGA opportunities. Serving on Council was a humbling experience Shawn enjoyed. Volunteering for APEGA committees and events identified the incredible depth and breadth of our professions. The volunteer bug had bitten, and Shawn was elected to a second APEGA Council term. Among his duties were serving on at least three committees a year. The most rewarding was the Finance Committee, which Shawn chaired for two years. Being fiscally responsible while providing regulatory activities and member services is a challenging task for APEGA staff.

Technical opportunities and challenges led Shawn to volunteer for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), PVP Division, D&A Subcommittee.

Starting his own consulting firm during this time resulted in some amazing opportunities for work and technical knowledge growth. Travelling to world-class manufacturing locations and interacting with the companies that provided the very complex equipment for many megaprojects was both rewarding and challenging.

Shawn Morrison's Q&A

What does self-regulation mean to you as a member of APEGA?

Self-regulation is a privilege. It means that our professions have the right for self-determination and governance. We can shape and control how the professions interact with and protect the public. This allows me to practise engineering in an environment that I choose.

Why are you running for Council and why do you think it’s important to serve in this way?

The opportunity to lead our professions would be a challenging and humbling experience. APEGA members help design and create amazing technical advances. We help implement concepts to enrich the lives of others. Leading such an organization is a challenge that I would eagerly accept, and I would work hard to fulfill the role’s requirements.

What challenges do today’s engineers and geoscientists face?

The pace of change that technology brings is incredible. How we keep up with and lead those technological changes will be daunting. Ensuring our natural resources are developed responsibly and are sent out for fair market value is an immediate concern. Transitioning the future to other sources of energy, integration of artificial intelligence, robotics, and advances in biomechanics are some of the other challenges that I see.

What is the value of professional membership in APEGA?

APEGA allows me to practise my profession in a self-governing environment. One can choose to practise engineering and geoscience in a job-type role or as an adventure outside the norm by providing a consulting service. The public recognizes that professional members are held to a high standard, and we are compensated appropriately for our efforts.

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