Dr. Ali Chamanara, P.Eng., 2019 Candidate for APEGA Councillor | APEGA

Dr. Ali Chamanara, P.Eng., 2019 Candidate for APEGA Councillor

Dr. Ali Chamanara, P.Eng.

Ali Chamanara's Professional Highlights

  • Lead engineer in mine engineering at Canadian Natural Resources Limited, leading a large team based in Calgary and at Muskeg River and Jackpine mines
  • Active supporter of advanced education, giving guest lectures at the University of British Columbia and supporting research at the University of Alberta with a specific focus on applied skills
  • Advocator for diversity and inclusion as a building block of strategic strength in our professional and social communities

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Ali Chamanara's Personal Statement

As a Council member, I will bring to the table my substantial experience in strategic leadership, process and risk management, and operational excellence, gained while working in technical and leadership capacities for world-class enterprises including Shell, Rio Tinto, and CNRL.

Throughout my career, I have leveraged academic advancement with applied skills, remaining connected with academia by guest lecturing at the University of British Columbia and supporting research at the University of Alberta. I am committed to engaging prospective members from university through the member-in-training period.

Fourteen years ago, in a remote field in the Middle East, my job required me to communicate with an engineer from Denmark through an interpreter. I realized not speaking English was a critical gap in my career development. I left everything behind to come to Canada to learn English. My aspiration to grow led me to begin my doctorate at the University of Alberta while working at Rio Tinto, and then Shell. I recognize there are many members who share a similar journey, and I hope to contribute to the role that APEGA can play in helping newcomers close gaps in their competencies as they integrate into our professional and social communities.

My wife, Sarah, and I started our family in Fort McMurray before moving to Calgary. We welcomed our first son, William, last year, and we are expecting our second son in March. We are both committed to giving back and believe we each have a responsibility to build a better future.

Ali Chamanara's Q&A

What does self-regulation mean to you as a member of APEGA?

Self-regulation means members of a profession taking on self-governing responsibilities delegated by government to protect the public’s best interest. It is important to have an effective and well-governed self-regulating body, supported by a healthy and respectful relationship with government. APEGA has done well with its relationship in the past with government and its members, and as a member of Council, I will continue to promote and be an advocate for the organization.

Why are you running for Council and why do you think it’s important to serve in this way?

Many bright professionals have played key roles in my career development by providing me with opportunities, mentorship, and coaching to get me where I am today. It is now my duty as a professional member to give back and to offer my unique, global skill set, vision, and voice on Council. It is important to serve on Council to play an active role in shaping the future of our association and to make a positive impact in our professional community.

What challenges do today’s engineers and geoscientists face?

Our immediate challenge is to continue to manage the economic downturn that is impacting professionals, permit holders, APEGA, and governments. When companies cut costs, governments respond with their own measures. This results in economic uncertainty for families, governments, and businesses across Canada. APEGA and its members must continue to respond with innovative solutions, while maintaining high levels of due diligence, safety, and ethics.

What is the value of professional membership in APEGA?

APEGA professional membership represents a significant investment in our education and training. APEGA members dedicate their lives to making a difference by building strong and inclusive communities. APEGA is our professional home and we each belong to this family that supports our work, education, and professional development. Professional membership in APEGA brings public trust and confidence in our work as members serving the public’s best interest.

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