Candidate for Councillor, William King, P.Eng.

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Candidate Overview

  • Retired project manager with 46 years of experience working on large-scale domestic and international projects in positions ranging from project engineer to vice-president
  • Extensive experience scoping large projects and effectively managing integrated owner project teams
  • Experience serving on the Yellowhead Branch of APEGA, industry advisory roles working with the University of Calgary and the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, and four years on the Canadian Gas Processor’s Board of Directors

Personal Statement

I graduated from the U of A with a bachelor of science degree in chemical engineering. I am married with two daughters and four grandchildren. I have recently retired and am a life member of APEGA.

In my 46 years of experience, I have held positions from process engineer to vice-president and lived and worked internationally, managing multiple large projects. I have a proven track record leading and mentoring diverse project teams, negotiating and managing large EPC contracts, and effectively interfacing with all levels of corporate management.

I have served on association boards and interfaced with academic institutions. I bring this breadth of experience to Council.

The unique knowledge and skills I bring to Council include proven leadership skills, the ability to work in culturally diverse environments, experience interfacing with governments and academic institutions, and a passion for mentoring. My retirement status provides me the time to contribute and give back to the profession.

Candidate Resume

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Get to Know the Candidate in Four Questions

What does self-regulation mean to you as a member of APEGA? 

The responsibility to self-regulate is a privilege provided to the engineering and geoscience professions that is essential to ensure the protection of the public and support professional members. APEGA is uniquely structured to regulate through individuals with experience and knowledge of the professions. This experience and knowledge are essential to effectively regulate these technically complex and diverse professions.

What would you bring to Council?

In my 46 years as a professional engineer, I have worked as a project engineer and engineering manager in process facilities, as a project manager in design offices, and as a project director and vice-president in corporate offices. I have worked in Western Canada and on multiple international projects. I have experience interfacing with academic institutions and serving on association boards. I bring this diverse background and experience as a professional engineer to Council.

As the regulator of engineering and geoscience, what challenges does APEGA face?

The two main challenges I believe the regulator faces are rapidly changing technologies and the rapidly growing population in Alberta. The changing technology will drive a change in the expertise of the professions and an understanding by the regulator to support the membership and manage risks to the public. The rapidly growing population predicted in Alberta will require a corresponding rapid growth in professional members. The demand will require consideration of increasing numbers of international applicants while ensuring applicant competency to manage risks to the public.

What is the value of a professional licence with APEGA?

A professional licence allows the licensee to practise in the province of Alberta, but it is more than that. The licence projects confidence to the public and hiring organizations that the licensee has the requisite knowledge and integrity to perform engineering and geoscience services. The licence, although not a legal requirement internationally, is recognized and often a company requirement or preference when considering job applicants. My personal experience is the licence combined with knowledge and experience provides an opportunity to pursue domestic and international opportunities.

Video Statement