Candidate for Councillor, Seema Makwana, P.Eng.*


Candidate Overview

  • Energy industry leader with 18 years of international and domestic experience in the pipeline and water treatment sectors and in environmental engineering consulting
  • Experienced in leading multi-disciplinary engineering and project management teams working across North America
  • Contributing member of APEGA’s Board of Examiners as an Experience Examiner and in TC Energy’s Practice of Engineering governance board


Personal Statement

Throughout my career I have built a reputation of strong leadership, visionary thinking and disciplined delivery.

I volunteer for organizations or initiatives that I am passionate about, that align with my values and that I can significantly contribute to by leveraging my knowledge and diverse experience. I participate in formal and informal mentoring relationships and have professional experience with governance, strategic planning and a clear understanding of self-regulation. Being an Experience Examiner on the APEGA Board of Examiners has provided a foundation that I can build upon in fulfilling the responsibilities of an APEGA Council Member.  

I have led multidisciplinary engineering and project management teams in Canada and the US, worked internationally and have experience with a variety of working environments. I have successfully navigated different types of organizations, built a strong professional network and business acumen.  Through strategic planning I have established and delivered on team goals that align to the strategic goals of organizations I work within.  

I am confident that my knowledge and experience coupled with my energy and passion for our profession will add value for APEGA and its members.

Candidate Resume

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Video Statement

Answers to 4 APEGA Questions

What does self-regulation mean to you as a member of APEGA? 
Self-regulation is a critical component in maintaining and setting standards for engineering and geoscience professionals.  It permits those with the most relevant knowledge to be responsible for setting standards for joining APEGA, holding peer members accountable for adhering to established standards and in maintaining their qualifications.  Specialized knowledge is critical in ensuring compliance to standards and determining when increased member education and/or disciplinary action is appropriate.

What do you bring to Council? 
I bring diverse engineering and leadership experience and I understand the challenges of working in a variety of environments where APEGA members work.  Through my experience in consulting, within a private corporation and in a large publicly traded corporation, I have gained and applied professional experience in governance, strategic planning and risk management.  Through my career, I have developed strong relationships across multiple organizations and gained industry knowledge specific to Alberta to help ensure APEGA is positioned to be flexible and resilient. My experience on APEGA’s Board of Examiners and history of volunteering has provided me with an understanding of how APEGA functions.

As the regulator of engineering and geoscience, what challenges does the regulator face? 
One of the largest challenges that APEGA faces is maintaining the balance between the needs of our members with serving the public and ensuring public safety. APEGA needs to professionally qualify engineers and geoscientists, ensure members stay relevant through professional development while continuing to regulate permit holders.  

What is the value of a professional license with APEGA? 
An APEGA professional license provides employers and the public with the confidence that the work being performed is by a qualified engineering or geoscience professional who has been reviewed against strict standards.  Holders of an APEGA license gain the benefit of membership with a trusted organization and in turn provides them with authority and credibility.