Candidate for Councillor, Seema Makwana, P.Eng.

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Candidate Overview

  • Experience on APEGA Council, 2021-present, with service on Governance Committee, Nominating Committee, Policy & Standards Committee, Strategy & Risk Committee and as the chair of the Governance Task Force, further APEGA volunteer experience on the Board of Examiners as an experience examiner
  • Energy sector industry leader with 20 years of international and domestic experience in the pipeline and water treatment sectors and in environmental engineering consulting
  • Experienced in leading multidisciplinary engineering, project management, and commercial teams working across North America

Personal Statement

Throughout my career I have built a reputation of strong leadership, visionary thinking, and disciplined delivery.

It has been an honour to have the opportunity to give back to the profession. I have enjoyed serving the last three years on APEGA Council contributing to various aspects of being a Council member, including participation in various committees and task forces. This has provided a strong foundation that I can build upon in this next term guiding APEGA through significant change while continuing to achieve its strategic goals to ensure a strong, sustainable future for the organization. 

I volunteer for organizations that I am passionate about and that I can significantly contribute to by leveraging my knowledge and diverse experience. I participate in formal and informal mentoring relationships and have experience with governance and strategic planning and a clear understanding of self-regulation. 

I am a strong collaborator with demonstrated leadership experience. Through strategic planning and key partnerships with stakeholders, I have established and consistently delivered on team goals that align to the strategic goals of organizations I work within.  

I am confident that my knowledge and experience coupled with my energy and passion for our profession will add value for APEGA and its members.

Candidate Resume

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Get to Know the Candidate in Four Questions

What does self-regulation mean to you as a member of APEGA? 

Self-regulation is a critical component in maintaining and setting standards for engineering and geoscience professionals. It permits those with the most relevant knowledge to be responsible for setting standards for joining APEGA, holding peer members accountable for adhering to established standards and maintaining their qualifications. Specialized knowledge is critical in ensuring compliance with standards and determining when disciplinary action is appropriate.

What would you bring to Council?

Having spent the last three years on APEGA Council, I will build upon this experience to continue to add value to APEGA as it navigates a changing political, economic, and legislative environment. I bring diverse engineering and leadership experience and an understanding of the challenges of working in different environments where APEGA members work. Through my experience in consulting, within a private corporation and in a large publicly traded corporation, I have gained and applied professional experience in governance, strategic planning, and risk management. Through my career, I have developed strong relationships across multiple organizations and gained industry knowledge specific to Alberta to help ensure APEGA is positioned to be flexible and resilient.

As the regulator of engineering and geoscience, what challenges does APEGA face?

APEGA faces the challenge of ensuring that the standards of the professions are maintained while navigating external factors that will impose change on its ability to fulfil its mandate. Remaining relevant and collaborative with their stakeholders while ensuring public safety and maintaining the ability to self-regulate.

What is the value of a professional licence with APEGA?

An APEGA professional licence provides employers and the public with confidence that the work being performed is by a qualified engineering or geoscience professional who has been reviewed against and is required to adhere to strict standards. Holders of an APEGA licence gain the benefit of membership with a trusted organization and in turn this provides them with authority and credibility.

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