Candidate for Council, Ross Plecash, P.Eng.


Candidate Overview

  • 13 years of executive leadership with APEGA and nine years of operations leadership and corporate engineering governance in private industry
  • Demonstrated knowledge of administrative law, regulatory law, and board governance in a wide range of professional regulators and not-for-profits
  • Skilled in negotiation and mediation, stakeholder consensus building, policy development, strategic planning, risk management, workflow development, budgeting and financial analysis, staff mentoring and team building, and written and verbal communications

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Personal Statement

Professional regulation has a single objective – to ensure that the public interest is protected in the practice of the professions. The legislation and processes which serve to accomplish this objective must be deftly applied, being neither too rigid nor too permissive. It is in achieving this balance where I can best contribute to APEGA Council.

For many years, I have worked with APEGA and its counterparts in other jurisdictions and professions in ensuring that professional regulation is fairly and consistently applied, without hampering the vast majority of practitioners who practice ethically and with skill. I have developed, applied, and observed professional practice policies and procedures to ensure public protection, while maintaining the professional’s ability to work unimpeded. I have done this both as a regulator and as a regulated practitioner, in the more than thirty years since my graduation.

I have studied engineering management, earning an M.Eng. degree, focusing on professional registration qualifications. In leading both regulatory and not-for-profit organizations, I have developed a thorough understanding of board governance, professional legislation, and fiscal responsibility. Beyond this, I have guided hundreds of professionals through the regulatory maze. I know that I can use these skills to serve on your behalf on Council.

Video Statement

Candidate Resume

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