Candidate for Council, Paige Mamer, P.Geo.


Candidate Overview

  • Business development manager in the energy services industry who is expanding products and analytics services in the Canadian market
  • Background is geology, geophysics, and geomechanics, working up from junior to senior positions
  • Technical society and industry organization experience, including organizer and chair of the Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources Induced Seismicity Forum, industry advisory board member of University of Calgary’s Microseismic Industry Consortium, and regular speaker with the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists and others

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Personal Statement

Professional engineers and geoscientists have played a powerful role in my life. My early participation in science fairs and robotics teams influenced my decision to pursue my engineering degrees and a career in the geosciences. This has fueled my passion for public and industry education in STEM topics. Today I am an active volunteer with geoscience and energy societies, organizing and facilitating events that promote knowledge-sharing and bringing people together – values I will bring to Council.

In addition to education, I am passionate about promoting the advancement and retention of women in STEM, supporting a changing professional workforce, and communication – keeping members informed on important developments and initiatives within APEGA as well as key council decisions.

In my everyday work, I have a propensity to see what needs to get done, ask key questions, and then find ways to address existing and foreseeable issues. I strongly believe in multi-disciplinary approaches to complex problems, a key trait that has propelled me through my career.

As a Councillor, I will strive to be an active participant by raising important issues, considering the viewpoints of my fellow Council members.  I will make thoughtful decisions while weighing the impact of my decisions on APEGA members.

Video Statement

Candidate Resume

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