Candidate for Councillor, Michael Ross, P.Eng.


Candidate Overview

  • Structural engineer with 10 years experience in Alberta and Ontario
  • Passionate about community engagement and professional development, and a lifelong volunteer
  • Member of civic advisory committees and boards, with experience in volunteer governance and organization


Personal Statement

Through the last ten years of my career, I’ve had the privilege to work in Alberta and Ontario, on a range of projects across the continent. While I haven’t had as long of a career as many of the other candidates for APEGA Council, I’m proud of the variety of work that I’ve done, and I believe it’s helped round me out as an engineer.

I also have experience from outside engineering, including organization and coordination in the non-profit sector, governance, and advisory committee experience. These skills will be valuable on APEGA Council, and along with my experience working with the Professional Engineers of Ontario, can help to give me an external perspective on Council.

I believe APEGA can continue to be a leader in promoting equity within engineering and geoscience, and can work to find new and innovative ways to advanced the professions as we change the way we do work.

In February, I hope I can have your support.

Candidate Resume

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Answers to 4 APEGA Questions

What does self-regulation mean to you as a member of APEGA?
Self-regulation is both a privilege and a responsibility for engineers and geoscientists. It is important that we can hold ourselves to the high standard expected of us from the public, and that we continue to justify the trust that is placed in our professions. 

What do you bring to Council?
I have ten years of professional experience as an APEGA member, working in structural consulting and as a technical advisor in both Alberta and Ontario. I have extensive volunteer experience as well, working as an APEGA outreach volunteer in the past, as well as in non-profit governance, student mentorship, and campaign organization.

As the regulator of engineering and geoscience, what challenges does the regulator face?
As our industries continue to evolve, regulating the increasing variety of tasks that engineers and geoscientists perform will only get more difficult. One-size-fits-all approaches are often inappropriate, but at the same time APEGA must remain effective and efficient. As well, as the very nature of our work changes, with more professionals working from home and fewer working in common office spaces, it is important to be proactive about any regulatory impacts that may have.

What is the value of a professional license with APEGA?
An APEGA license is an internationally recognized standard of both quality and professionalism. It not only demonstrates the quality of our educational institutions, but also our commitment to professional development. An APEGA license, used properly and respectfully, is incredibly valuable.


Video Statement