Candidate for Council, Margaret Allan, P.Eng., P.Geo.*


Candidate Overview

  • Environmental experience since 1987, an engineer, geoscientist, and mentor, with projects involving contaminated site assessment and remediation, risk assessment, liability management, environmental compliance
  • Roles as consultant, sole proprietor, and principal; author of scientific documents for federal government and peer-reviewed journals
  • Volunteer experience on APEGA Investigative Committee and moderating APEGA’s ethics seminar; an appointed member of a municipal subdivision and development appeal board; member of a trail development committee advancing sustainable recreation opportunities

Personal Statement

APEGA needs well-rounded council members who bring vision and purpose. Having lived and worked in both Calgary and Edmonton, and more recently taking up residence in an agricultural community, I have experienced a range of viewpoints. I value diversity because synergy from others’ experiences contributes to solutions far better than can be developed in isolation.

Both engineers and geoscientists need to be represented on APEGA council. Dual registration as a P.Eng. and P.Geo. helps bridge the professions. Being a certified compliance auditor required working knowledge of various legislation, and 6 years on APEGA’s Investigative Committee provided insights into challenges professionals sometimes face in skillful and ethical practice.

The experiences of moderating APEGA's ethics seminars for graduating students and going into university classrooms to explain APEGA's role and purpose have given me the privilege of meeting many young and inspiring engineering/geoscience graduates. With the baby boom generation retiring, the future will belong to younger generations. APEGA ultimately serves public interest, but we need to enthuse our newest members with pride of membership so that we can continue to thrive as a self-regulated profession. We must embrace changes that build on our well-established foundation and set up the next generations for success. 

Video Statement

Candidate Resume

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