Candidate for Council, Lian Zhao, P.Eng.


Candidate Overview

  • 30-plus years of experience in energy and environmental consulting industries, PhD in petrology at the Geology and Geophysical Institute in Chinese Academy of Sciences, PhD in environmental engineering at University of Guelph
  • President at CEPro Energy Group, which is fully engaged in sustainable development goals to serve its clients, stakeholders, collaborative partners in industrial and academic sectors
  • Service on APEGA Practice Standards Committee Environmental Subcommittee, five-year recipient of APEGA Volunteer Award in 2018

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Personal Statement

During three decades of practice in energy and environmental consulting services, I have, with great commitment, built a sound multidisciplinary engineering-and-science knowledge base, supported by corporate governance and professional community services. I am a member of the Practice Standards Committee’s Environmental Subcommittee, and chair of the Wetlands Subject-Matter Expert Panel and the Wetlands Science and Engineering Guideline Working Group.

Under struggling low oil prices, Alberta’s economic conditions, and heavy environmental liability issues caused by aging O&G assets in Alberta, as a co-founder and principal of CEPro Energy Group I am providing corporate practice insights into integrated optimizations for the production recovery and liability management of mature oil and gas assets.

I specialize in technical promotional activities related to energy and resources sustainable development under a lifecycle of regulation and innovation. I am confident in communicating among diverse and multicultural professional circumstances. My trustful, respectful, and inclusive professional manners in multicultural settings facilitate understanding and acceptance of diverse decision-making approaches. As an individual and a Responsible Member, I oversee the enterprise and key stakeholders towards sustainable development goals in Canada 2030 Agenda, as well as academic and industrial collaborative partners.

I prepare myself to embrace APEGA’s 2020 strategic plan and the challenges APEGA faces. If elected, I will actively be engaged in public dialogue that affects the professions and make APEGA more visible within the main economic decision-making stream. Additionally, risk management and incurred rising membership dues will always remain in my focus.

Video Statement

Candidate Resume

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