Candidate for Councillor, Jim McCuaig, P.Eng.*


Candidate Overview

  • Multidiscipline engineer with 36 years of experience in industrial, commercial, institutional, utility, municipal and military settings. 
  • Worked with both rural and urban APEGA branches in various roles including Branch Chair. 
  • Experience working with Regulatory settings including policy and bylaw development.



Personal Statement

I started volunteering for APEGA in 2003 as a member at large with the Peace Region Branch. Upon moving to Lloydminster, I transferred to the Vermilion River Branch and acted in the Branch Secretary, Vice-Chair and Chair roles. I was active in organizing President’s visits, golf tournaments and PD days.

When I moved to Edmonton, I volunteered with the Edmonton Branch, taking on the Vice-Chair and Chair roles before moving back to Peace River where I continue to serve with the Peace River Branch. I have been active in the Legislative Review sessions, and in recruiting and mentoring new members to volunteer for Branch activities.  

I decided to run for Council with the belief that my varied background working as an Engineering Technologist, and then as an Engineer, brings a balanced perspective to Council. My involvement in various branches gives me an appreciation for member needs in urban and rural areas. If elected, I would like to help APEGA continue to be a strong regulator and be relevant to its members, including those in non-consulting areas. My other goals include finding ways to increase public awareness of APEGA's mandate and working with the standards committee to develop standards and guidelines for our members.

Candidate Resume

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Video Statement

Answers to 4 APEGA Questions

What does self-regulation mean to you as a member of APEGA? 
Self regulation means that we as APEGA, including the membership, are involved in regulating the professional and ethical standards of the profession of Engineering and Geoscience within the Province of Alberta. This occurs though various activities within APEGA including Council, Branches, and the various committees that contribute expertise and oversight.

What do you bring to Council? 
I bring to Council a broad scope of understanding of many aspects of the Engineering Profession, whether on the consulting side, or the various sectors I have been employed in. My interaction with various Branches throughout the Province has given me insights on what matters to our members and how they perceive our Association. Lastly, I bring understanding as both a Professional Engineer and as a Technologist that I think can benefit with our interactions with ASET.

As the regulator of Engineering and Geoscience, what challenges does the regulator face? 
The main challenge I think we face is keeping focused on our role as a regulator first and foremost.  There are many worthwhile goals our organization can achieve, but we must remember our primary goal to protect the public and ensure the practice of geoscience and engineering is carried out properly and proficiently. The second challenge we face is to demonstrate relevance and value to our membership that being a member of APEGA brings.

What is the value of a professional license with APEGA? 
The value of a professional license is to demonstrate to the public that they can be assured the geoscience and engineering is carried out to a high standard with demonstrated accountability should failures occur.