Candidate for Council, Geoff Kneller, P.Eng.*


Candidate Overview

  • 24 years of professional engineering experience in oil and gas, high tech, municipal infrastructure, and public service, recently joining TC Energy in pipeline integrity engineering
  • Seven years of regulatory experience as an APEGA volunteer, currently chair of the Enforcement Review Committee
  • Professional leadership and execution experience as a Canadian Armed Forces reservist

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Personal Statement

This is my twenty-fifth year of professional experience, and ensuring Albertans have access to safe, cost-effective engineering and geoscience services has been important to me as a Responsible Member for several Alberta Permit Holders. I’m currently practicing engineering at TC Energy, and I also serve in the Canadian Armed Forces as a part-time Reservist. Based on my experience, three areas that I want to see our next Council focus on are:

  1. I’m an APEGA volunteer and Chair of our Enforcement Review Committee, and I see how important it is to ensure that engineering and geoscience is practiced in our Province by licensed professionals who meet Albertans’ expectations for skilled and ethical practice.
  2. With my experience mentoring members in training, I think Council needs to pay close attention to our process for welcoming our newest members into our professions.
  3. With experience working in private industry and government, I recognize how the privilege of self-regulation has come under new pressures in our society. We need a Council that can engage effectively on regulatory issues with Albertans and our new government.

Let’s use our hundredth anniversary year to highlight the value Albertans receive from our professions.

Video Statement

Candidate Resume

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