Candidate for Councillor, Dustin Baptist, P.Eng.*


Candidate Overview

  • Experienced energy industry leader with 16-plus years; based in Alberta with project work world-wide.
  • Strategic thinker, innovator and technology leader, regularly developing strategic programs and opportunities.
  • Familiar with large and small business concerns, rural and urban challenges (grew up in small town, worked in Grande Prairie for 8 years) as well as competitive vs regulated business challenges.



Personal Statement

Growing up on a farm here in Alberta, spending 8 years working in Grande Prairie, and a dozen years in Edmonton have allowed me to learn about and experience the challenges that Albertan businesses face. Recent volunteer activities, such as delivering the Professional Practice seminar, have also taught me about APEGA, our self regulation model and the importance of public confidence. My experiences are an excellent fit for the APEGA council, especially in the context of the technology and energy revolution currently underway. I believe in continuing to build upon and foster the ingenuity and hard work our professions provide to Albertans, however we need to quickly modernize our processes, work methods and technologies; and these changes belong within APEGA just as much as they do in the places we work. I have a proven track record in innovation and strategic roadmap development.

My three priorities as a councillor are: (1) To bring a sense of urgency for modernization and innovation in everything APEGA does, (2) To refresh practise standards with a lens towards balancing business needs and public interest, and (3) To maximize the value each member receives through the annual dues and APEGA membership.


Candidate Resume

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Video Statement

Answers to 4 APEGA Questions

What does self-regulation mean to you as a member of APEGA? 
Self-regulation is a privilege that some professions receive if they can maintain public confidence through appropriately governed, ethical and responsible practise from all its members. This in in contrast to direct government regulation which removes autonomy, increases bureaucracy, all with the same goal of protecting the public. As proven in other jurisdictions and other industries, self-regulation should not be taken for granted, it is a privilege that could be lost if, as a membership body, we are not diligent at upholding our professionalism.

What do you bring to Council? 
As a professional member that authenticates and validates professional work products, I bring experience from industry with an understanding of how our professions manage risk for our employers everyday. I have experience with small and large business operating models, regulated and non-regulated companies and both urban and rural challenges.  I will bring a balanced perspective from industry to Council. 

As the regulator of engineering and geoscience, what challenges does the regulator face? 
Like the individuals within the profession, APEGA faces the same need to find balance between governance that protects the public and still allows companies to be successful – which, at its core is essentially risk management. Like most of our members, my daily job consists of managing risk by balancing the needs of a for-profit enterprise with the best interests of society, so I truly appreciate the complexity of this task.

What is the value of a professional license with APEGA? 
Beyond the obvious ability to used reserved titles / designations and the legal requirement to practise our professions without a significantly restricted scope of practise, both individuals and companies benefit from a professional license through easy public recognition of the demonstrated technical skills that it represents. It is in this way that members of public associate the value our professions bring to society with our daily efforts.