Candidate for Councillor, David Tsuyuki, P.Eng.


Candidate Overview

  • Reservoir engineer with 28 years of experience, focused on North American upstream energy and business development
  • Extensive project management and deal execution leadership experience, collaborating with many international partners to create several joint venture partnerships
  • Experience with many volunteer opportunities and committees: volunteering at the Calgary Zoo, Drop-in Centre and Food Bank, sitting on and leading committees at the Calgary Winter Club, North Hill Bowling League, and the Cutbank Ridge Partnership


Personal Statement

APEGA, and many other self-regulating professions, face a loss of trust from both the public and governments. They question whether self-regulated professions are focused on self interest rather than the public interest. APEGA must maintain and enhance public confidence or face greater scrutiny from government oversight.

As a petroleum reservoir engineer with 28 years of progressively greater responsibility, I have developed the necessary skillset to work with my Council colleagues as we rebuild public trust. I have managed multidisciplinary teams and sat on many committees, each requiring collaboration, intuition and the ability to look at the big picture. I have combined my technical proficiency with a broad understanding of economics and have developed good business acumen. Decision and risk analysis and mitigation is an integral part of my responsibilities.

Described as hard-working, calm, honest, reliable, responsible and determined, I will bring empathy, confidence, listening skills and a penchant for data to all our Council discussions. People want to succeed. The future of APEGA is very much in our hands but it requires the good will of Council and administration to achieve that desired future state. I am confident I have the skills and attributes to meaningfully contribute to this effort.


Candidate Resume

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Answers to 4 APEGA Questions

What does self-regulation mean to you as a member of APEGA?
Self-regulation means that members of APEGA establish the academic and experiential requirements for someone to practice engineering and geoscience in Alberta, develop practice standards and guidelines, establish continuing professional development targets to maintain competence, and maintain a public register of members. Because members understand the complexities and nuances of their practice, they are best qualified to admit new members.

What do you bring to Council?
I bring a clear understanding that the primary role of APEGA Council is to ensure all elements of the EGP Act are being met. From my close involvement with both large and small corporate boards, I understand that Council sets strategic direction, establishes priorities and monitors the performance of APEGA administration. I also bring an understanding that Council is not involved in operations. I am hard-working, honest, reliable and responsible to my Council colleagues to fully and effectively participate in all Council matters.

As the regulator of engineering and geoscience, what challenges does the regulator face?
The main challenges APEGA faces as regulator:

  • Maintaining public trust - The public, including governments, may see professional regulators as self-serving rather than serving the public.
  • Support members without advocacy - Connected to the first point, regulators can strike the right balance in helping members be better practitioners without advocating the public on their behalf.
  • The global nature of how work gets done today - We no longer are limited regionally, as such, APEGA needs to be able to safeguard Albertans’ public safety in new and innovative ways.

What is the value of a professional license with APEGA?
Simply put, you can earn a livelihood by practicing engineering and geoscience. A licence with APEGA denotes to the public, including employers, that you are qualified to practice and that you maintain your competence as a condition of holding a licence. 

Video Statement