Candidate for Councillor, Dave Rumbold, P.Eng.*


Candidate Overview

  • 36 years as a refining/upgrading process instrumentation and control valve technical specialist 
  • APEGA volunteer and leader for 28 years including Edmonton Branch, Practice Review Board, Communications, Act Regulations and Bylaws, Nominating, Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committees, amongst others
  • Extensive community leadership history, U of A Senate, Canadian Heavy Oil Association, United Way, Community Leagues and Area Councils, arts Boards, fundraising initiatives



Personal Statement

I deeply respect the privilege of APEGA self-governance and would like to contribute as a Councillor. I would draw on my Professional Engineering experience and the leadership and governance skills I’ve gained through extensive APEGA and community involvement. My 28 years of experience participating and leading APEGA Committees and Boards includes the Edmonton Branch, the Practice Review Board and the Communications; Act, Regulations and Bylaws; Nominating; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committees amongst others. I’ve worked with diverse groups of Engineering practitioners for many years, and developed and managed a Professional Practice Management Plan. I contribute to teams effectively and I’ve led Community groups where member engagement, communication and negotiation were critical to implementing change.  

My long term involvement in APEGA gives me an understanding of the issues affecting our professions and insight into future concerns. As a Councillor I would bring an informed voice that speaks to the needs and perceptions of members and would have a strong understanding of how APEGA functions and its relationship with government. I have the time and energy to effectively apply myself to the work of an APEGA Councillor, and I offer experience, skills and passion that would be valuable to Council. 

Candidate Resume

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Answers to 4 APEGA Questions

What does self-regulation mean to you as a member of APEGA?
Engineering and geoscience self-regulation permits peer management of licensure, right to title, technical competence, practice standards, complaints, investigations and discipline of members to ensure the protection of the public. It means that we as members must conduct ourselves ethically, remain technically competent, practice within our personal scopes and support other members to do the same. We must always maintain the trust of the public who’ve granted us the privilege of self-regulation.

What do you bring to Council?
I bring an excellent understanding of APEGA and self-regulation through my participation and leadership on numerous APEGA Committees and Boards since 1992. I understand how APEGA works to administer Provincial legislation and how the public is protected. My decades of professional engineering work experience, interactions with diverse engineering practitioners, development and management of a Professional Practice Management Plan along with my community leadership and governance experience have prepared me for Council. 

As the regulator of engineering and geoscience, what challenges does the regulator face?
Self-regulated professional organizations like APEGA are under increased scrutiny by governments and the public. This is a concern as other Engineering Associations in Canada have seen change imposed on them. External advocacy to broaden licensure requirements will continue and must be evaluated carefully. Additionally, the current economic situation has affected many APEGA members, and steps to provide networking opportunities and professional development should be enhanced. 

What is the value of a professional license with APEGA?
APEGA professional licensure and the use of the protected P.Eng. or P.Geo. titles indicates that these individuals have met registration requirements and are allowed to practice Engineering and Geoscience in Alberta. It means they will act in the public interest, behave ethically and remain technically competent. Registration as APEGA members provides us the opportunity to practice our profession and contribute to the growth and vitality of Alberta. 

Video Statement