Candidate for President, Brian Pearse, P.Eng.*


Candidate Overview

  • Vice-president, president, CEO, and chief business officer experience in a major consulting engineering firm, working his way up from various positions including site inspector, design engineer, and engineering manager
  • Experience overseeing multi-disciplinary teams involved in civil, environmental, and geotechnical engineering, along with surveying, historical resources, and land acquisition
  • Former vice-president and councillor for APEGA, and now working part-time with an Indigenous collaborative assisting First Nations with project completion

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Personal Statement

I have the honour of being a professional engineer in Alberta for over 30 years. My career is a result of the academic, training, and ethical requirements of APEGA.

My career has involved design and contract management of multi-disciplined teams to deliver projects throughout Alberta. As a business owner and corporate leader in an organization delivering engineering services, I have been privileged to learn and experience other essentials such as human resources, safety, quality, fiscal responsibility, strategy, and the pursuit of team targets.

As a board member of private and public organizations, including APEGA, I have enjoyed contributing as well as learning about group dynamics, bold goals, and realistic achievements.

These experiences have instilled an understanding in me that a team approach to challenging and complex issues is the best way forward. Where teamwork elicits ideas that can be organized into relevant and succinct goals, and generative solutions can be applied.

I am in semi-retirement and I have the time and passion for being President of APEGA. I feel a readiness to help progress and enhance APEGA in a forward direction.

Video Statement

Candidate Resume

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