Candidate for Councillor, Anirudh Kumar, P.Eng.


Candidate Overview

  • Energy & Petrochemicals industry engineering leader with 14-plus years of experience, whose accomplishments span oil sands mining & in-situ, oil shale & petrochemicals development
  • Extensive knowledge of process engineering, multi-disciplinary engineering management, construction management, start-up, and operations in both greenfield and brownfield environment
  • Passionate about impact of emerging technologies on engineering innovation, experience leading a start-up in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Personal Statement

These are difficult and uncertain times and APEGA needs a strong Council more than ever to help navigate these tough times and hold strong to our shared values. We need a Council member who has diverse professional experience in multiple engineering disciplines, has worked both as an engineering service provider and an owner, has been part of projects from concept to start-up, and has experienced the many different facets of decision making in our industry, up close. We need someone with strong technical skills, but equally strong business and strategic skills, someone to communicate effectively with the diversity of APEGA stakeholders, someone who has been accustomed to leading projects and initiatives and someone not afraid to present a different perspective. 

I have 14 years of experience on diverse projects in Alberta, started my career as a Process Engineer, moving on to engineering, project leadership and construction management, run a side start-up and hold an MBA in Strategy. I am passionate about engaging meaningfully with APEGA membership, furthering safety and environmental stewardship, and impact of emerging technologies on the future of the engineering profession. I am happily married with a 3-year-old daughter and live in the beautiful city of Red Deer. 


Candidate Resume

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Video Statement

Answers to 4 APEGA Questions

What does self-regulation mean to you as a member of APEGA? 
Self-regulation is a social contract where We, as APEGA members, uphold our duty towards public safety above all else, and are accountable to our peers for professional conduct and ethical behaviour. It is an expression of the highest level of trust and respect imparted to our profession by the society and I am keenly aware of this enormous responsibility every single day!

What do you bring to Council? 
Wide-ranging perspective. I have worked for mid-size and large engineering companies, led multi-disciplinary projects in the energy sector and worked in both office and field roles on the owner side at the world class petrochemicals complex in Joffre. I completed my MBA from University of Illinois Urbana in Strategy & Business Analytics and have led a small start-up in the Artificial Intelligence space. I have volunteered for various organizations in the community and technology space and I bring my experience, energy, and innovative spirit to the council.

As the regulator of engineering and geoscience, what challenges does the regulator face? 
APEGA and many regulatory institutions worldwide are facing challenging times. The pace of technological advancement is threatening to leave behind institutions and professions which cannot adapt to the changing nature of industry and the engineering profession. How will advanced technology change the engineering profession, how can our members get prepared to leverage those technologies to create value, and how will regulatory oversight be implemented for automated intelligent design systems? These I believe are key challenges facing APEGA and the future of our profession.

What is the value of a professional license with APEGA? 
APEGA professional license signifies that the license holder has the necessary skills, experience, and competence to perform the work. This license is required in order to use the title of a professional engineer or professional geoscientist in the province of Alberta.