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2018 Member Dues Increases

On November 30, APEGA Council approved a dues increase of $32 for Professional Engineers, Professional Geoscientists, and Professional Licensees. Dues for these Members will be $392 plus GST in 2018, up from $360 plus GST in 2017. An increase will also be reflected in other membership categories. Read below and our news item to learn more.

As part of becoming a stronger regulator, APEGA must be able to address risks to successfully serve its Members, the professions, and the public.

Council directed APEGA to create a regulatory risk-management reserve following a thorough risk assessment. This reserve will solely support mitigating regulatory risks. No portion of the increase is being used to fund operations. For 2018, the entire $32 increase will fund this new reserve.

Furthermore, Council passed a motion for an additional one-year extension to APEGA’s dues reduction for unemployed Members. If they remain unemployed, Members who are currently paying reduced dues can apply for an extension in 2018. 

Full List of Member Dues Increases

Membership Category 2017 Dues 2018 Dues
Professional Member $360 $392
Professional Licensee $360 $392
Licensee $486 $518
Provisional Licensee $180 $196
Member-in-Training $180 $196
Life Member (non-practising)
(25% of Professional Member dues)
$90 $98
Student $180 $196
Examinee $180 $196

Read the Member Dues Fact Sheet

The following charts show how APEGA's dues compare with those of other organizations.

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