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September 12, 2017

Calgary Branch News & Events

September 21 – Luncheon: Calgary’s Plans for Flood Resilience

Meet Frank Frigo, P.Eng., a water resources engineer involved with the city's water resources business unit, and explore the City of Calgary's flood plan, along with the hydrology, morphology, water supply, engineering, public engagement, and economic studies that have provided its foundation.

Volunteer Opportunities

Calgary Branch Executive Committee

Be a part of the 2018-2019 Calgary Branch Executive Committee. The Calgary Branch Executive Nominating Committee is looking for passionate APEGA Members who would like to run in our Branch election and become more engaged with their Association.

APEGA Science Olympics Curriculum Development Work Group

The APEGA K-12 Outreach team is looking for enthusiastic volunteers interested in sharing their passion for engineering and geoscience with students. Volunteers will be responsible for developing creative engineering- and geoscience-related projects for the 2018 APEGA Science Olympics.

Youth Engagement at Beakerhead – Activity Station Guide

The K-12 Outreach Team is looking for passionate volunteers who are excited about promoting engineering and geoscience to youth. Volunteers will have to opportunity to showcase amazing engineering applications at a hands-on activity station at Beakernight on Saturday, September 16, from 4–11 p.m.

New for 2017: the APEGA Science Olympics Curriculum Competition

Do you want to help excite students about engineering and geoscience? Submit your creative project ideas for the chance to share your passion with Grade 1 to 12 students across the province and win one of several exciting prizes.

Member Benefits

NEW! Members are eligible for exclusive market-leading cell phone plans. For more information, please visit the Member Self-Service Centre.

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