RoboGarden Courses Offered with Concordia University of Edmonton

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Our online courses offered by RoboGarden, in collaboration with the Concordia University of Edmonton, teach students in-demand skills. These two courses are:

  • Full Stack Web Development Course
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Course

Both courses are available in English, Chinese, and Arabic. 

Full Stack Web Development Course 

The Full Stack Web Development Course is for those who are interested in website and application development, without having any prior programming experience. After completing this course, students will know the front-end and back end designs and should be able to create their multi-platform application and data-driven website.

A full-stack web developer can work on projects with databases, build user-facing websites. Developers can also help clients with the planning of such tasks. 

More about Full Stack Web Development

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Course

The Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Course are designed for people who have an interest in programming, data analysis, and development for automation. You do not need any programming experience.

You will learn programming skills that will help you get machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and data analytics work opportunities.

You will be able to use data sources to make informed decisions that help you with real improvements in growth, efficiency, and cost savings across all industry sectors. 

Learn about Machine Learning and AI

Taking Part in Class

These courses require a time commitment of 450 hours through 11 weeks. The first eight weeks are intensive before students reach the two weeks related to the project phase and the final week, which will prepare them for employment and running a business.

The courses are online with a mix of the learning experience. The online, synchronous delivery is scheduled with live instructors and teaching assistants that lead virtual classroom experience. In contrast, the blended learning experience is provided with an instructor and teaching assistants in scheduled classroom time.

Both courses will deliver methods for students to access RoboGarden’s unique online teaching assistance available for learners 24/7 while they are completing their exercises at their own pace.

No matter where you are or your time zone, an instructor or teaching assistant will help.

RoboGarden’s assessment test is based on the student’s interests, employment, educational background, and programming experience. Students will get a recommendation for the right course to enroll.

Get assessed for the right course for you

Capstone Projects

After completing the course learning path, students will enter the Capstone Project module where RoboGarden posts a list of Capstone Projects to a freelancing website inviting students to select one from the list and bid to offer their services.

The Capstone Projects provide real-world industry and high-in-demand freelancing opportunities for students to apply.


What Past Students Have to Say about RoboGardens Bootcamps

“The course is very comprehensive and well thought out. We get a ton of support from our instructors and TAs to ensure our success in the class and beyond”
James Chew, Full Stack Web Development Course Graduate
“This course has drastically improved my digital skills. I can confidently compete in any industry needing data analysis, which is rapidly growing. This course is perfect for anyone needing a competitive advantage in the job market”
Vadin Savanvkov, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Course Graduate

This article is being provided by APEGA on behalf of  Concordia University of Edmonton (CUE) and RoboGarden which has a group sponsorship agreement with regards to online professional development courses for our members.