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Post-Graduate Work Experience

If you are applying for a Professional Member (Professional Engineer or Professional Geoscientist) or Licensee licence, the APEGA Board of Examiners (BOE) may give you work experience credit if you have completed a Master’s degree or a PhD in engineering or geoscience.

To request a credit, include the information in your Work Experience Record in your application or email the information to The review for post-graduate work experience is separate from your academic review.

Member-in-Training and Professional Licensee applicants cannot get post-graduate work experience credit.

Work experience credit for post-graduate degrees in engineering or geoscience:

  • must be requested when you apply online
  • will not usually be more than 50% of the required four years of experience
  • will only be granted when you have completed your post-graduate degree
  • can be given for a post-graduate degree from an accredited Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board and Mutual Recognition Agreement accredited institution and from other institutions, at the BOE’s discretion
  • is only available for time spent in full-time study towards the post-graduate degree
  • is only for the research portion of the program. The research portion must demonstrate significant engineering or geoscience design content
  • specific requirements for post-graduate education are contained in the WER. Please follow the instructions carefully.

Credit Amounts

The most post-graduate work experience credit you can receive is 24 months, regardless of how many degrees you have.

Maximum Amount of Eligible Credit

  • You have a course-based only Master’s degree – credit of 0 months
  • You have a Master’s degree that included a thesis or project – minimum credit of 0 months. Maximum credit of 12 months.
  • You have a PhD that included a thesis – minimum credit of 0 months. Maximum credit of 24 months.

Requesting Credit

To request a credit, upload the below information to your application before submitting it or email the information to

You must submit:

  • an official copy of your post-graduate transcript sent directly from your institution to APEGA
  • a PDF or Word document of your title page, abstract, conclusions, and recommendations sections of your thesis or project
  • letter of recommendation from your thesis or project supervisor, written on university letterhead, and sent directly from your supervisor to APEGA
  • an entry page on your Work Experience Record covering the period of your post-graduate study containing the following (thesis supervisor will be sent an electronic reference questionnaire):
    • number of months of full-time and part-time registration
    • months spent on full-time research (after the completion of course work)
    • other non-thesis projects, research, or duties
    • title of project or thesis
    • months spent writing and editing project or thesis
    • a clear description of how your post-graduate experience demonstrated all 5 elements of the experience requirements for licensure
    • your top 3-5 publications resulting from the research
    • name and professional designation (if applicable) of your supervisor and the department location