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Types of Experience

The BOE places strong emphasis on:

  • your ability to apply engineering or geoscience principles
  • your demonstrated technical proficiency

The BOE will consider increased technical competency and increasing levels of responsibility when evaluating your experience.

The Board of Examiners (BOE) will look for specific experience in the following areas:

Application of Theory

You must have a minimum of 2 years of application of theory in your respective discipline. The application of technical theory must include:

  • selecting solutions and solving problems
  • preparing and checking designs or interpretations
  • evidence of sound technical judgement and practices
  • demonstrated familiarity with the use and application of pertinent technologies, procedures, systems, and programs.

Your experience can include the collection and analysis of information and data. However, data collection and analysis should not be the major component of your assigned tasks for a significant period.

Practical Experience

The practical experience must include:

  • being exposed to work-site operations
  • recognizing limitations in designs, interpretations or recommendations, and understanding the application of pertinent codes and regulations
  • understanding the interdependence of disciplines, systems and activities, and developing working relationships


Your management skills must include:

  • managing project resources
  • planning, scheduling, budgeting, and cost control
  • developing team skills and understanding professional and business ethics
  • keeping appropriate records

Your experience can include developing an understanding of corporate structure, legal aspects of contracts, quality-assurance programs, and cost-impact studies


Your communication skills must include:

  • writing technical reports
  • making presentations to management, peers, or the public

Societal Implications

Your experience must show evidence that you are familiar with:

  • safeguards
  • how engineering or geoscience benefits the public
  • the roles and responsibilities of regulatory agencies in your specific field of professional practice

Experience Different from Your Degree

If your experience is in a discipline different from your degree (e.g., a mechanical engineering graduate working in petroleum engineering), the BOE may require you to obtain experience beyond the four-year requirement. Your experience should be related to your degree.

If your experience is in a field other than your degree (e.g., a geology graduate working in engineering), the BOE may require you to obtain:

  • substantial academic upgrading
  • experience beyond the four-year requirement
  • both academic upgrading and additional experience.

The requirement for academic upgrading or additional experience will depend on the APEGA designation for which you are applying. Your experience should be related to your degree.